LINE UP!!! This article is for all of our awesome Bullyshield kids! It’s almost time to head back to school. I know, I know; teahcers, homework, no more lazy days at the pool BUT there is good news. This s a great time of you for you to make new friends and recruit new training partners! How? It’s easy. Just use your skills that you have been taught this summer! No, not how to escape the mount. No, not how to take down an opponent. No, not how to end a fight with a bully without ever throwing a single punch! Listen, kids, now is the time to use the confidence, compassion,  and leadership skills you have learned this summer.

What does that mean? Well, while in class you see someone who is struggling to make friends because they are shy introduce yourself to them. On the playground if you see someone being bullied speak up. In the hallway if you see a student who looks trouble ask how you may help. If someone isn’t dressed with the most “in” clothes or listening to the “cool” music” who cares, different is good!, Be the same great student you ae at school as you are at SCranton MMA! PLEASE step up, PLEASE say hi, PLEASE smile, PLEASE make a new friend! By doing so you will not only make you parents and instructors proud you will make yourself proud! it might be your kindness that makes a BIG difference in someone’s life! Help stop bullying with your the best part of your Bullyshield, your attitude!