It is a common occurrence at Scranton MMA that someone will call to ask for information about “Karate” programs, at this point, the person in the office will stop the caller to explain that we do not practice “Karate” at the academy, but rather Judo and Jiu-jitsu. It is important for us to stress that this is not done to disrespect the art of karate or any karate schools in the area, far from it. We do feel however, the need to explain the difference between all of the arts to show how Scranton MMA sets ourselves apart from other martial arts schools.

The main and most fundamental difference between karate and both judo and jiu-jitsu is that karate is primarily a striking art and Jiu-jitsu as well as judo are more grappling based arts, along the lines of wrestling, also whereas karate tends to focus on static forms, our programs are more active and dynamic , drills are done moving with partners to simulate “real world” situations

However, the aspect of our kids judo and jiu-jitsu program that we are most proud of is our “Three T Philosophy” of TALK, TELL, TACKLE. Using this philosophy we are able to teach our students to effectively deal with bullies from not only the physical point of view but give our students the confidence to talk to bullies and diffuse a physical altercation before one ever occurs. This change in confidence is normally enough to convince the bully that our student is no longer a suitable target.

And finally, the number one quality that we feel sets us apart from other schools in the area is our instruction staff. We are the only school area that proudly boasts multiple nationally certified Judo black belt coaches on the mat with Royce Gracie certifiedjiu-jitsu instructors watching out and caring for your childs wellbeing while at the same time passing on to them lessons from national and international champions!

That is NOT to say that we are in anyway against teaching striking. We have an extensive striking program for our Adults. Our Muay Thai Kick Boxing program is headed by Steve Wilson. Steve is an accomplished Mixed Martial Artist and Steve possesses the same rare quality as all of our instructors which is to not only compete at a high level but then to effectively communicate his skills to his students. We are the only martial arts school in the region to offer real instruction in Muay Thai. You might find some Kick boxing schools in the area but if you really want to learn the “Art of Eight Limbs”. Then you need to visit Scranton Mixed Martial Arts and see our class in action.

If you have any questions about our kids grappling program or any of our adult program please give us a call, stop by or email us at