I wanted to finish up our study guide for the upcoming Judo promotional exam.  In the first post we went over the first set of throws that you need to know for your yellow belt. Today I wanted to give you some info on the 2nd set of throws that you need to know for your green belt.

Again try to make sure you know the names of all of the throws, what they mean, how to perform them and how to fall for them. All of that is part of your test.  Here are the eight throws that make up the 2nd set:

  • Ko Soto Gari – Minor Outside Reap
  • Ko Uchi Gari – Minor Inside Reap
  • Koshi Guruma – Hip Wheel
  • Tsuri Komi Goshi – Lifting Pulling Hip Throw
  • Okuri Ashi Barai – Sliding Foot Sweep
  • Taio Toshi – Body Drop
  • Harai Goshi – Sweeping Hip Throw
  • Uchi Mata – Inner Thigh Throw

By the way if you have heard one of your coaches call the throw by another name that is okay. Certain clubs, dojos and instructors might call the throws by slightly different names but we do not want nicknames for the throws we do want a translation.

Below you will find videos of all the throws in the 2nd set. We will be practicing these throws this week so you will have time to try them out in class and get some help from the black belts.

Ko soto Gari


Ko uchi gari


Koshi Guruma


Tsuri Komi Goshi


Okuri Ashi Barai


Taio Toshi


Harai Goshi


Uchi Mata


OK I hope the names, translations and the videos help. If you give this a quick study and then get to class a few times this week you will have plenty of time to practice and we will make sure to help you out.
As always let us know if you have any questions on these throws or anything else you need to know for your test.