This post is mainly for all of our Judo students that will bill testing for their next belt this month.  We are holding a promotional grading exam December 19, 2015.

For the students who are testing they will need to know the names of the throws and how to properly demonstrate them.  To help with the studying process I wanted to share with you eight videos today. These videos demonstrate all of the throws in the first set.  Anyone who is testing for their yellow belt should know this set.

The throws in the first set are:

  • Deashi Barai – Advanced Foot Sweep
  • Hiza Guruma – Knee Wheel
  • Sasae TsuriKomi Ashi – Lifting Pulling Ankle Block
  • Uki Goshi – Floating Hip Throw
  • O Soto Gari – Major Outside Reap
  • O Goshi – Major Hip Throw
  • O Uchi Gari – Major Inside Throw
  • Seoi Nage – Back Carry (Shoulder Throw)

Please do your best to know all of the names of the throws, what they mean and how to demonstrate them.  Also make sure you know how to fall for each of the throws as well.

Ok now for the videos.  Take a look and make sure you get to practice them before the exam.

Deashi Barai:

Hiza Guruma:

Sasa TsurKomi Ashi:

Uki Goshi:

Osoto Gari:

O Goshi:

Ouchi Gari:

Seoi Nage:

Ok that is the complete first set of Judo throws you should know if you are testing.  Please take a look and get some practice in.  We are spending the rest of the month reviewing and getting ready for the promotional exam.  If you have any questions just let one of the Judo instructors know and we can help you out.