This Saturday April 12th there will be a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar at Scranton Mixed Arts.  The Seminar will be taught by Royce Gracie!  Royce Gracie won the first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993.  He will be at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts to teach everyone the techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that he was able to use in MMA.  Royce Gracie won the first, second and fourth UFC tournaments.  He is a member of the UFC hall of fame.  Royce also holds the record for having eleven consecutive submission victories in the UFC with eleven straight submission victories.

The seminar will start Saturday at Noon and run until about 2pm.  Royce will be available for a meet and greet after the seminar and will take photos and sign autographs for anyone in attendance.