While vacationing in Civita, Castellana, a very remote mountain village in Italy, Scranton MMA 4th degree brown belt Steve Brunetti had a jiu-jitsu experience that is the stuff memories are made of.

“I had just arrived in Civita and wanted an espresso.”, Steve relates. “As I got to the counter, there on the register was a sticker that read ‘Tribal Jiu-Jitsu’. I asked the man if he trained, he said he did and had in fact just won the Roma Open. He invited me to teach at his school. I visited twice while I was there and was proud to share the techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with them.”

Scranton MMA instructors, coaches, and practitioners travel all over spreading the art of Helio Gracie; and we are very honored to carry on the tradition of teaching the World’s most effective self defense system!