The position game is usually characterized by slow and tight transitions between positions with an emphasis on maintaining a position while attacking and lots of crushing pressure from top position. How can you improve this aspect of your game?

Royce Gracie addressed this at a recent seminar. Royce taught the classic “stack pass” against closed guard. The pass didn’t rely on speed and explosiveness but instead focused on controlling the opponent through every movement of the pass. Royce illustrated very effectively that as you go through the stack pass you can pause after each movement and let your opponent try to fight his way out of it: if your technique and pressure are correct he is unable to resist even though you are executing the pass in slow motion.

A good method to improving this aspect of your game is during sparring make all your transitions slow, tight, and methodical. You can train this way with a variety of techniques including submissions, transitions, and even some sweeps and escapes.  When first beginning to train this way it is best to initially stick rolling with people either lighter or less experienced than yourself. After you have perfected your slow motion crushing stack pass or the unstoppable armlock from mount then you can try it out on a training partner of your level.

The ability to lock down a position and for your opponent to find you to be unmovable is core to this game. Your mindset should be every inch of position you gain you refuse to give it back to the opponent. Some isometric strength is useful for the “slow and tight” game but like everything else in jiu jitsu good technique will win out. Good technique can make you feel twice as heavy as you actually are!  To learn more on this subject check out our platinum member area for exclusive content videos!