A lot of students will be testing for their green belt test this coming weekend at Scranton MMA. They all asked if I could get them some study material to help them prepare for their test. Here are some valuable resources that they will be using to hep them prepare for the examination that they will have to take on Sunday.

For your test you will need to know some basic terminology, the first 2 sets of throws, some pins and some chokes. All of this in Japanese.

Here are some links to help:
first two sets of throws

about 5 or so pins:

couple armbars:

couple chokes:

terms and stuff:

Ill start going over more and more of this stuff in class. I can print any of this out if you need it just ask. If you want me to go over anything specific just ask. DONT freak out about any of this either just try to get as much in as possible and take it bit by bit.

This is a valuable resource for anyone who is going to be testing this weekend kids, adults low ranks or high ranks.  Study up and be prepared for the exam.  You all have done the hard work and many of you have earned TONS of points in competition which is one of the most important aspects of getting promoted as a competitive Judoka.  That does not mean you get to skimp or slack on the testing and demonstration of your chokes, pins, armlocks and throws.  It is important to excel at every aspect of Judo not just the cool stuff like competing.

Do not forget the promotional exam will be held on Sunday July 17th and will be starting at 10am sharp.  Also please remember we are hosting this event and there will be lots of guests at the academy and I expect everyone to be very friendly and very respectful to all of our guests.