You can neither train nor progress alone. In order to achieve your goals you need to have motivated training partners and coaches around you at all times, therefore selecting an academy with qualified instructors and a deep pool of training partners is a must. Right from the start you must be honest and ask yourself, “Am I training because I want to be a champion or am I training because I want only to tell people that I train?” The higher you aim your sights the better training and coaching you will require; your academy must have advanced students and experienced instructors alike. Fortunately, Scranton MMA is just such a place!

Let us first consider the faculty at Scranton MMA. The instructors have years of direct experience in competition and coaching. Gracie Jiu Jitsu practitioners mentored by Royce Gracie, national champion Judokas, golden gloves and professional championship boxers, as well as numerous wrestling and mixed martial arts champions, the Scranton MMA faculty has them all! You can remain confident that over time you will develop a solid camaraderie with your coaches and that they will know exactly how to keep you on pace and focused not only in your training but on fight day as well! If your corner man’s only coaching advice is “Kick ass!”, “You’re a savage!”, “You’ve got to escape that!” or some other emotional response based in ignorance you need to find new coaches. A coach must know your style and provide advice based on your preferences and what you do best. For instance, if you find yourself in a position to execute an arm lock, an omoplata, or a triangle your coaches better know which you do best and not instruct you to do what they would do!

What about your training partners? Your coaches will always be there to provide guidance and point out technical mistakes but often times that requires they are removed from the training session. This is why your training partners now become a vital part of the team. At Scranton MMA the training pool is deeper than the Mariana Trench! Scranton MMA is home to over 150 students; each with there own styles, body types, specialized moves, and fight experience. The training partners will always be there to provide you with different “feels” or “looks” thus constantly forcing you to develop certain parts of your game that may be lacking. For instance, if you will be fighting a very good wrestler you will have access to a wide variety of training partners that are great at guard passing and staying on top thereby forcing you to develop your guard and bottom game escapes. Maybe your opponent is a devastating kick boxer, you will have access to training partners that are experts at keeping a fight standing thus forcing you to perfect you slip, blocks, and takedowns. Your training partners become your siblings!

In the end, when all things are considered Scranton MMA is the choice for you! Full time staff, full time schedule, full time training all means one thing…you will be ready come fight day! See you on the mats!