There is a lot going on this week and we are just trying to make sure everyone knows what is going on at the academy. We have a great trip planned to Roba’s, we are doing a pre order for hoodies and we have some New GIs in stock! Lots going on and here are the details for the events. If you have any questions just let us know.

Remember, our group Roba’s trip is this Friday, October 30th from 5-9pm! Tickets must be bought online before you get to the farm. If you are able to bring something, please add it to

the list in the Facebook Members group.

Open Mat Cancelled 10/30/2020
Because our instructors will be away on Friday night, there will be no open mat that night. The mat areas will be closed off. Go to ROBA’s!!!!

Hoodie Pre-Orders For Kids and Adults

We’re ordering a lot of different styles of hoodies, so we decided to open up pre-orders on everything! The kids pre-order has also been extended. If you would like to guarantee a hoodie or jacket for yourself or your child, please fill out the appropriate form! Pre-orders end at noon on Friday, October 30, 2020. If you already filled out the kids pre-order form, you’re good! No need to fill it out again.
Kids Order Form: Please visit our Facebook Group page for the form.
Adult Order Form: Again please visit the Facebook group page for the Form.

Gis Are Here!
The custom Scranton MMA gis we pre-ordered in the summer are FINALLY HERE and they’re AWESOME! You can pick up your pre-order starting this evening. We also have extra adult sizes for purchase if you did not pre-order!

Thats all for now. For more info listen to all the announcements at the end of classes and keep an eye on the Facebook members group.