This weekend Scranton Mixed Martial Arts will be sending a very large competition team to compete in one of the areas largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments.  March is also FREEstyle Judo month on the Scranton MMA Judo mat.  With those two events happening we decided to show a very effective takedown that can be used in BJJ or in Freestyle Judo.

Please take 2 minutes and watch the video below and then take some time to read a bit more about the move.  If you watch the video a few times and then start practicing this move it will not take too long for you to be able to use this in sparring at the academy or in your next competition.


There are a few points we want to talk about quickly that will add some great value to watching this video.

The first thing to notice is that this takedown is demonstrated against a player who has an opposite stance.  So if your opponent is a righty you need to stand lefty or vice versa.

Second is to focus on maintaining good posture when you execute the takedown.  If you are bent over there is a good chance the move will not work for several reasons.  We can get into all the reasons why posture is important but for now when you practice this technique focus on making sure you can see the ceiling.  DO NOT focus on looking at the ankle or the ground!!!!

Third is to practice taking that back step at the very end.  The leg that is behind your opponents leg needs to step back.  This adds a lot of power by using rotation, It creates a very difficult angle for your opponent to maintain his balance and it allows you to use gravity, momentum, and the power of your whole body to finish the takedown.

Fourth and MOST IMPORTANT…. BE SAFE and HAVE FUN.  If this technique is new to you RELAX!!!  Go SLOW focus on safety.  DO NOT try to slam your partner as hard as you can into the mat.  Feel free to use a crash pad and ask an instructor for help if necessary.


P.S. We are getting ready to help in a fundraising effort for the March Of Dimes NEPA.  A very important Scranton MMA family has benefitted greatly from the March of Dimes and we will be doing everything we can to help them.  Please read more here and let us know if you have any questions