“Ah, I’d really like to train, its just I can never find the time”

Does this quote sound familiar to you? Have you said it before? Are you “that guy“?

It’s OK, at Scranton MMA, we’ve heard it all before and we’ve got you covered. Our schedule has  been assembled so that anyone from the busiest executive, to a mom with her kids in preschool, can have the opportunity to be involved in one of our outstanding martial arts programs! One of our most efficient options is our morning Gracie Jiu-jitsu Street essentials and Foundations classes as well as our Wednesday morning Judo class.

Street Essentials is designed to teach the student how to use the principles of Jiu-jitsu in a “real world” self defense situation. Students are shown techniques  and are run through scenarios on how to apply those techniques in a variety of different situations in order to keep themselves safe. Working hand in hand with Street essentials is our Foundations class which focuses on just that…the foundations, the basic principles on which the art of jiu-jitsu was built,  whether your goal is self defense or competition this class will review the  necessary techniques in order to be successful.

Our morning  Judo class run by black belt candidate Vito Picozzo is structured to introduce students to the main principles of the art which was founded by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882. In these classes, the students not only learn how to be successful in competition they will also learn such vital skills as how to fall safely and correctly and how to throw a bigger stronger attacker, which are essential in any self defense situation.

Then of course, if strength and conditioning is your thing, you can always head over to Keystone CrossFit ,our fully affiliated CrossFit gym located right inside the academy, where our head trainer Tim Muenkel will put you through a dynamic,  total body, workout which will open your eyes quicker than your normal Starbucks double Latte.

As you can see, whatever your schedule, however hectic your life may be, Scranton MMA has an opportunity for you to come in and train. So why be that guy when you can come to Scranton MMA and start being THE guy! See you soon.