There are a lot of important techniques you need to learn in order to be confident that you can defend yourself in a self defense situation.  There are also a lot of concepts and principles that you will learn and pick up along the way. Today we are going to talk about a technique that also ties in with a basic principle of self defense.

The principle is this: if you are on the ground especially on your back… you want to get up. You do not want to spend a lot of time fighting from your back in a self defense situation. You either want to end the fight quickly, get on top of the attacker or just get back to a standing position.

The technique we will go over today covers you getting back to standing when you are on your back.  There are times when it will be very difficult to go from the bottom position to the top position and there are also times when you might not be able to submit the person quickly from the bottom.  If that is the case there is nothing wrong with just getting back to  your feet.

I love this move because it can work really well against big strong attackers.  It also is very low risk. If you start to mess it up or feel it is going wrong you can simply go back to the guard position and often times when you do that you will still be in a very good / safe position.  However since this is a pretty simple technique it does have a high success rate.  When this move does work sometimes both people just end up getting back on their feet.  No problem but there are plenty of times where the attacker will be slower to react or recover going from the ground to their feet which can create some huge opportunities.

So please take a look at the video and think it over.  Do you know how to get up if you are knocked down? Can you do it against a big, strong and aggressive attacker?

Here is the vid: