Today I would like to share with you some diet and nutrition tips that will help you get the most out of your training at Scranton MMA.

Get The Most Out Of Your Training

First you have to realize how important you diet is once  you start training.  A good diet will help give you the fuel you need for your training sessions and they will also help you recover from them as well.

On the other hand if you do not eat properly and neglect your diet your workouts will suffer and you will not have the energy you should for your workout.  Your recovery will also suffer and it could negatively impact your next training session as well.

Some guidelines for a pre workout meal are that you want to it to provide energy and protein. You also want to make sure it is something that you can digest in time before you get on the mat.  Having a huge meal and then stepping right on the mat is something most people will not enjoy.

Energy will come from carbohydrates and / or fats.  The energy is obviously important especially with long and intense training sessions. Protein is also an important part of a pre workout meal because it will definitely help you perform better when compared to a meal with just carbs and/or fats.

Give Yourself Options

I want to stress that there are many ways you can fuel your body in a healthy way that will give you tons of energy and it is important that you find a way or several ways that will work for you.  Since most of us live a hectic life with a very busy schedule I suggest you find a few ways to fuel your body before you train.

I like to have some options that I can take with me on the road or leave in my office or in a cooler bag.  I try to make sure I always have something I can eat before training in my car or in a cooler bag that I have with me.

What To Eat

I always pack things like fruit, sandwiches, quinoa salads, greek yogurt, meal replacement bars and meal replacement powders and of course leftovers from earlier in the week.  I want to have a few options and I definitely want to have some options that I can eat cold.

If you are home and have more time to plan then you will definitely have more options but the guidelines are still the same.  Make sure you it has some carbs/fats and some protein in the meal as well.

Make The Most Of Your Training Time

Most of us are only able to train a few times per week and it is important that we do everything we can to get the most out of our training time. If you take the time to plan out good pre workout nutrition it will definitely help you get more out of your training.  You will have a lot more energy which will help you get in more reps during drilling time and it will let you get more rounds in during sparring time.

So please take the time and plan out what you are going to eat before you train.