The brown belt is arguably the stage at which you will have the most fun! The Gracie brown belt has all of the knowledge and most of the technical execution of a Gracie black belt without the weight of responsibility that a Gracie black belt carries! The brown belt is able to walk about Scranton MMA with a sense of pride knowing he is within range of the ultimate goal but always has a parachute when he performs because after all he is not a black belt! It is this cushion of non-perfection that allows the brown belt to mature into a black belt.


What then is a brown belt? The brown belt at Scranton MMA has a deeper understanding of techniques within a strategy and is quicker to recognize and transition between techniques and strategies. On the mat the brown belt is a mentor to purple belt student and an ambassador of the academy in all endeavors both private and personal. In victory or defeat the brown belt is holding his own against all other fighters.

So how does one reach the ultimate goal of black belt at Scranton MMA? To reach the highest level, the brown belt needs to refine his technical skills, sharpen his timing, and improve his ability to select the correct move from his vast library of technique. Time on the mat and asking intelligent and critical questions of his instructors are the keys to the brown belt attaining his black belt dream.