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Self Defense Lessons At Scranton MMA


Today I wanted to talk a bit about our Self Defense Program at Scranton MMA.  Our program focuses on self defense but has tremendous carry over for any other martial artists and has a great deal of benefits that will carry over into your daily life.  I also wanted to touch a bit on the difference between self defense and fights or combat. At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we offer a great beginners self defense program.  Our program is designed to allow anyone to get on the path of learning how to defend yourself in a self defense situation.  The program […]

Self Defense Lessons At Scranton MMA2014-05-01T07:49:42-05:00

Scranton MMA Unique Benefit of Training


There are many benefits of training mixed martial arts.  Most people understand or have heard that Martial Arts will teach you or your child discipline, respect, courage.  A lot of people who look into martial arts training know that they can lose weight, get more flexible, get stronger and gain muscle.  So today I would like to talk about a benefit that a lot of people do not realize you will gain when you train martial arts. Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Teaches Daily Accomplishments One of the best things about training martial arts at Scranton MMA is that you will constantly […]

Scranton MMA Unique Benefit of Training2014-04-29T07:56:30-05:00

BJJ Training Tips By Scranton MMA Part II


We recently posted an article on our website talking about a strategy that you can use to improve your Gracie Jiu Jitsu at Scranton MMA.  The article can be read here: In that article we talk about the importance of training from and working on being stuck in a bad position.  We discussed ways you can ‘force’ that to happen in training and even the best times to get that type of work in during your training.  Today we are going to flip things around and talk about training from advantageous positions and ways to improve your chances of getting submissions. […]

BJJ Training Tips By Scranton MMA Part II2014-04-25T08:00:21-05:00

Scranton MMA Beginner Boxing Lessons


At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we are proud to offer beginner boxing lessons at our academy. Scranton PA has a very rich boxing history and we are working to create a great future as well. We recently restructured our entire boxing program at Scranton MMA to include specialized classes for new members or people with no prior boxing experience.  We wanted to make it even easier for anyone who has an interest in boxing to start learning this great sport in a very safe and professional environment. Boxing at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts now meets three times per week and each […]

Scranton MMA Beginner Boxing Lessons2014-04-18T07:38:32-05:00

Scranton Pa Jiu Jitsu Seminar a Huge Success


Scranton Mixed Martial Arts held a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar this weekend and it was a great event for all who attended.  The legendary Royce Gracie, the original champion of the first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship, instructed the seminar.  It was such an honor for us to have the only and only Royce Gracie come to our academy and teach our students and our instructors. Scranton’s Best Jiu Jitsu Seminar! Royce first did a two hour long Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense Seminar at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  He taught some great moves that proved to be very effective against […]

Scranton Pa Jiu Jitsu Seminar a Huge Success2014-04-16T08:06:05-05:00

Guide to No Gi Jiu-jitsu Training


Recently we have seen our No Gi classes grow and grow.  There has been a lot of interest in no gi jiu jitsu at scranton MMA recently and we wanted to get some more information out there on the difference between gi jiu jitsu and no gi jiu jitsu or no gi grappling.  Some people will also just call it submission wrestling.  Regardless of the terms it can be a lot of fun and a great addition to any martial arts program. While it is true that  Jiu-jitsu is typically trained mostly in a traditional gi or uniform, no gi jiu-jitsu […]

Guide to No Gi Jiu-jitsu Training2014-04-01T07:31:54-05:00

Why Women Should Train Jiu-jitsu at Scranton MMA


Let’s get this outta the way. Obviously, the most glaring answer to the title of this blog is self-defense. If you have ever googled the terms “Jiu-jitsu” or more specifically “Gracie jiu-jitsu” you know that it is a self defense system that is predicated on helping a smaller, weaker, opponent overcome a much larger, stronger opponent or attacker so essentially jiu-jitsu is tailor made for a woman who finds herself in a situation where she is being attacked by a man and needs to protect herself. Of course this benefit is absolutely paramount when it comes to training for women. However, […]

Why Women Should Train Jiu-jitsu at Scranton MMA2014-03-31T08:14:17-05:00

Scranton MMA Boxing team has a great showing


The Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Boxing team had a great showing at the st pattys day brawl in Scranton on March 8th. Stephon Burgette defeated Tommy Ayers by way of a third round Technical Knock out.  Burgette knew he was going to have a difficult fight again a much taller fighter.  Burgette was able to get inside of the much taller ayers reach and deliver some great body shots which set up some great shots to the head. Burgette has been training incredibly hard and this is a very well deserved win for him.  Please when you see him in the […]

Scranton MMA Boxing team has a great showing2014-03-17T08:33:37-05:00

Great Takedown For BJJ Competition


This weekend Scranton Mixed Martial Arts will be sending a very large competition team to compete in one of the areas largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments.  March is also FREEstyle Judo month on the Scranton MMA Judo mat.  With those two events happening we decided to show a very effective takedown that can be used in BJJ or in Freestyle Judo. Please take 2 minutes and watch the video below and then take some time to read a bit more about the move.  If you watch the video a few times and then start practicing this move it will not take […]

Great Takedown For BJJ Competition2014-03-13T07:47:30-05:00

Raising The Bar To A New Height


At Scranton MMA we strive to provide the absolute best to all of our clients.  That is why Scranton Mixed Martial Arts is so different when compared to other gyms in the area. We want to offer up the very best for anyone who wants to learn martial arts in the Scranton / NEPA area.  That is why we have the absolute best training facility in the area and continually work on improving it.  That is why we have the absolute best instructors in the area why all of our instructors in the area constantly seek to improve on their abilities. […]

Raising The Bar To A New Height2014-02-26T08:47:26-05:00