Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Competition Strategy


If you did not watch our latest video on how to quickly win a match in Judo or BJJ please take a min, actually 3, to watch it.  We wanted to discuss in a bit more detail what is going on, why and what it really means.  So please take a quick look and then read the rest of the article below:       Ok the video above shows one example of how to win a match very quickly or in bjj how to basically start the match in a dominate position. In this example we just wait for the […]

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Judo – Scranton Mixed Martial Arts


The Judo team at Scranton Mixed Martial arts has been preparing for the upcoming tournament season. This weekend marks the beginning of a series of tournaments that will end around May of 2012. The first tournament of the fall is the East Coast Championships which is held September 17th and 18th at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ. Adults will be competing on Saturday and Kids will compete on Sunday. In preparation for this upcoming tournament and all of the tournaments that Scranton Mixed Martial Arts will be attending the Judo classes have been focused on competition success. […]

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Scranton Mixed Martial Arts – Judo August 29th


Last night at Scranton Mixed Martial arts the Judo team went over some very interesting techniques and we will re cap them here today in the blog.  Since competition season is on the horizon, the students learned two techniques which are useful against skilled opponents who know how to grip fight properly and who are looking to control you and shutdown your most effective techniques. Most good competitors go out with a game plan and a strategy.  Most often that strategy involves controlling the opponent’s strong side either at the shoulder or at the sleeve.  This makes it very difficult for […]

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Scranton MMA Weekend Update


Scranton MMA / Gracie NEPA Judo will be hosting the Electric Citry Freestyle Judo Championships this weekend at Marywood University.  The day before weigh ins and registration for the tournament will be held at Scranton MMA from 6pm-8pm.  On Saturday weigh ins and registration for the tournament will begin at 8am for Juniors at Marywood University. Since many of our Instructors, coaches and athletes will be either competing or volunteering at the tournament Judo, Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Bully Shield classes are cancelled on Saturday.  All students are encouraged to come down and either watch or compete at the tournament.

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Scranton MMA Judo Promotional Tournament Recap


On Sunday July 17th, 2011 Scranton MMA hosted the Eastern Pennsylvania Judo Promotional Tournament.  The event was held at Scranton MMA due to the size of both the Judo training area and the Gracie Jiu Jitsu training area as well as having more than enough space for all the parents and guests to watch the event. The event started with the testing of all the participants who were seeking promotion.  The Judokas had to demonstrate their knowledge and technical proficiency in Judo terminology, Judo throws, chokes, pins and armbars.  Scranton MMA had a bunch of kids seeking promotion and a large […]

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Scranton MMA Judo Training Tips


During the last few Judo classes at Scranton MMA we have focused on teaching our students how they should be training. It is not enough to just teach techniques during our Judo class. The instructors at Scranton MMA feel it is just as important that we teach our students how to train. There are certain methods, strategies, attitudes and tactics that will help you get more out of your training. At the same time there are many things that can dramatically slow down your progress. Some people will try to encourage the use of strength and overpowering of your opponent or […]

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