Scranton MMA Show Episode 17


Scranton MMA Show Episode 17! Today we talk about: July 4th schedule ad open mat Upcoming BJJ Tournament Olympic Silver Medalist Jason Morris coming to Scranton MMA Hydration typs Silly self defense vids that are going around :) and much more! If you have any questions or suggestion for topics, leave them in the comments!  

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Great way to relieve neck and upper back pain


Quick video showing a great way to relieve upper back and neck pain.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.  I really hope this helps you out. I have definitely had my share of neck pain over the years.  I also stand all day while working and at times my posture really gets bad and makes my neck hurt.  Doing ‘this’ has helped a ton.  First it reminds me to keep good posture and to stay loose.  As soon as I start to hunch or slouch I can adjust. Also it is a really nice stretch and […]

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Scranton MMA show #13


Brand new show is in the books. So we recently got some new gear to help us improve the audio quality. Some new microphones and a fancy mixer to help us adjust the volumes and what not. I think you can really hear the improvement. Things are a clearer and the volume is nice and loud. Let us know what you think. Today we talked about: Our Jiu Jitsu promotional (over 60 people on the mat!!) Upcoming Muay Thai Promotional Memorial Day Open Mat How to roll/spar/Train When to Tap?

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Why I Joined Scranton MMA


    Martial arts has helped me in so many ways I could never type them all out. It helped me get through being bullied, Anxiety, depression, High school, College, Starting Jobs, Losing Jobs, being a husband, Being a dad, etc etc etc Since it has helped me so much I wanted to help be a part of a school that I knew could help people in so many ways. Prior to Joining the Scranton MMA Team I was either running or teaching at 4 different schools in this area. They were all small schools that were not helping a lot […]

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Tips To Keep You Safe During Self Defense


So today I did a quick talk where I shared some tips that will help keep you safe if you are ever attacked and find your self having to defend yourself.  These tips do not involve techniques they are all mental but they will help keep you safe regardless of how much training you have done.  Obviously the more training the better. So let me just share these tips quickly and if you have any questions please let me know.   Be Confident First things first you have to know you are ready and that you will be okay.  Do not […]

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Judo Promotional Study Guide Part II


I wanted to finish up our study guide for the upcoming Judo promotional exam.  In the first post we went over the first set of throws that you need to know for your yellow belt. Today I wanted to give you some info on the 2nd set of throws that you need to know for your green belt. Again try to make sure you know the names of all of the throws, what they mean, how to perform them and how to fall for them. All of that is part of your test.  Here are the eight throws that make up […]

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Scranton MMA Quick Tip Judo Vol I


Today I wanted to share a video with you that we recently shot at Scranton MMA.  We had the opportunity to film some really well produced videos so I hope you enjoy them. This first video shows a great takedown that you can use in Judo, BJJ and even MMA. So first  things first watch the video and then read a bit more about what is going on below: So I want to talk a bit more about the throw starting with the set up. It is very important to make sure you are in an opposite stance when you execute […]

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Judo Promotional Study Guide Part I


This post is mainly for all of our Judo students that will bill testing for their next belt this month.  We are holding a promotional grading exam December 19, 2015. For the students who are testing they will need to know the names of the throws and how to properly demonstrate them.  To help with the studying process I wanted to share with you eight videos today. These videos demonstrate all of the throws in the first set.  Anyone who is testing for their yellow belt should know this set. The throws in the first set are: Deashi Barai – Advanced […]

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Scranton MMA Kids Training BJJ and Judo


Today we had a really great kids class and I was able to take a quick video at the end of the class and I wanted to share it on our website.  It is really amazing what a short video can show you about our kids, what they are learning and how the program is run. First you will see these kids are learning and trying some great Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques.  You can see them sparring both on their feet and on the ground.  While on their feet you will see them going for the throws they learn […]

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Kids Gracie Jiu Jitsu Training


                    Tonight we had a great night of training at Scranton MMA. We had a lot of classes going on at the same time and lucky for us we have plenty of space. We had our adult beginners self defense class, we had an advanced gracie jiu jitsu class, we had Muay thai kick boxing class and we had a Judo class. But tonight the kids definitely stole the show! At Scranton MMA we have a kids program that allows our kids to train both Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  We are […]

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