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BJJ Strategy- Get Up!


Just wanted to write a bit about a common BJJ strategy that we were discussing yesterday and teaching to our younger students. The concept or strategy is that when you are on the bottom in a self defense situation or in a competition sometimes your best option is to get back to your feet. A lot of BJJ students forget this concept and just think that if they are on the bottom they have to stay on the bottom. Is is very important to practice getting back to your feet when you are in the guard. It might be a self […]

BJJ Strategy- Get Up!2014-10-15T14:26:25-05:00

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu Promotions


This weekend a large group of Scranton MMA coaches went down to Balance Studios headquarters for a belt promotion ceremony. We were very honored to be invited by Phil and Ricky Migliarese. The mats were filled with talent! There were more gracie jiu jitsu black belts on the mat then I have ever seen before. Balance has a very rich history since they have been training directly with the Gracie family before the first UFC! The highlight of the day for the Scranton MMA crew was watching Sensei Dom get his black belt from Phil and Ricky! Dom has over 15 […]

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu Promotions2014-10-13T08:55:25-05:00

Scranton MMA Kids Self Defense Class


Yesterday we had another awesome kids class at Scranton MMA. The kids class is growing in size and we are very lucky to have such great kids on the mats, great families supporting these youngsters, Great instructors that are dedicated to training them and also we are very lucky to have such a huge facility to support this growing class. Those are just some of the reasons why the kids class at Scranton MMA is great! The techniques we chose to teach the kids also help make it an awesome class.  We carefully chose each and every technique that we teach […]

Scranton MMA Kids Self Defense Class2014-09-19T08:36:42-05:00

Training Tips Part II


So we got a lot of feedback already from our first article on getting the most out of each and every class. So far everyone likes the idea of a series of articles around this topic so please keep the feedback coming.  The easiest way is to just send us a message on but feel free to get in touch with us anyway that works for you. Today we are going to talk about how you should pick your training partners during class.  You might not realize it but how you pick your training partners in class can have an […]

Training Tips Part II2014-07-24T10:57:17-05:00

Scranton MMA Training Tips


At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we are often asked “How can I get better” or “What can I do to improve” or some variation of that training.  So with that in mind we are going to compile a few articles to share some of the most important tips we have shared over the years.  We are going to try to make sure that everyone who wants to improve quickly or as efficiently as possible can do so. If you have any specific questions please just let us know and we will make sure we address it in an upcoming article or […]

Scranton MMA Training Tips2014-07-23T14:38:43-05:00

UNIQUE Self Defense Seminar at Scranton MMA


Ok this weekend we are going to be holding a very special self defense seminar at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  However we want to be very honest and let you know that this seminar might not be for everyone.  This will not be your run of the mill self defense seminar.  It will not be a seminar where we just go over a few moves and leave feeling like we can take on the world…. no … no… no.. This seminar truly will be different! The Seminar will be taught by former navy seal Christopher Mark Heben!  Chris has an awesome resume […]

UNIQUE Self Defense Seminar at Scranton MMA2014-07-14T15:04:46-05:00

Continue to learn, grow and reach new goals


At first when people here that someone is training at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts they often assume that the student is purely learning how to ‘fight’ or defend themselves.  They might think the person needs a fun new hobby or is trying to get back into shape with a fun and exciting activity.  What many people fail to realize is that most of our students really enjoy learning something new, growing as a person and being able to set goals and reach them. When you are constantly learning new things, growing as a person and reaching goals you will feel great. […]

Continue to learn, grow and reach new goals2014-06-20T08:11:59-05:00

Giving Back To The Community


One of the most important lessons you will learn while training and studying any good martial art is the importance of giving.  You will receive a great deal along your journey from other martial artists.  Other people will give you their time, their knowledge and much more in order to help you learn and grow as a person and as a martial artists.  In order to keep receiving it is important that we all learn that we must keep giving as well. This weekend Scranton Mixed Martial Arts held at 100% Free seminar at our academy in Scranton Pa.  This seminar […]

Giving Back To The Community2014-06-16T07:45:18-05:00

Women’s Self Defense Seminar


This Saturday June 14, 2014 there will be a 100% Free Women’s Only Self Defense Seminar at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  The Seminar will start at 2pm and will run until 4pm.  Scranton MMA is located at 1000 Dunham Dr in Dunmore Pa 18512.  We are very easy to get to from anywhere in the Scranton / NEPA area. The Seminar will introduce you to some great ways to defend yourself.  We promise that you will have fun while you learn these techniques in a very safe, clean and relaxed environment.  We have plenty of space at our academy and the […]

Women’s Self Defense Seminar2014-06-11T07:54:50-05:00

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Judo Tournament Recap


This weekend the Scranton MMA Judo competition team headed over to paterson New Jersey to compete in the Summer Slam Judo Tournament. This tournament brings out players from the very best clubs in the country and Scranton MMA was very glad to take part of this event.  Members from Scranton MMA have been going to this tournament for years and years and we are very happy to see some of our new members and new competitors go to this tournament. Going to this tournament we knew we would have our hands full.  We had four kids competing for the first time […]

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Judo Tournament Recap2014-06-03T07:49:54-05:00