Women’s Self Defense Seminar


This Saturday June 14, 2014 there will be a 100% Free Women’s Only Self Defense Seminar at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  The Seminar will start at 2pm and will run until 4pm.  Scranton MMA is located at 1000 Dunham Dr in Dunmore Pa 18512.  We are very easy to get to from anywhere in the Scranton / NEPA area. The Seminar will introduce you to some great ways to defend yourself.  We promise that you will have fun while you learn these techniques in a very safe, clean and relaxed environment.  We have plenty of space at our academy and the […]

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Scranton MMA Tips For Beginners


With so many new members joining our academy recently we wanted to write a quick article for the new members and share some tips that will help you get started and make your first few weeks much easier. As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to anyone and we will make sure we take the time to help you out.  One easy way to reach us and get a quick answer is to write us on our facebook page at: The first thing we want to tell everyone who joined recently is that you need […]

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Scranton MMA Unique Benefit of Training


There are many benefits of training mixed martial arts.  Most people understand or have heard that Martial Arts will teach you or your child discipline, respect, courage.  A lot of people who look into martial arts training know that they can lose weight, get more flexible, get stronger and gain muscle.  So today I would like to talk about a benefit that a lot of people do not realize you will gain when you train martial arts. Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Teaches Daily Accomplishments One of the best things about training martial arts at Scranton MMA is that you will constantly […]

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Scranton Kids BJJ & Self Defense Program Continues To Grow


At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we are very lucky to have such a great group of children who train with us at the academy.  We are also very fortunate that we have such great support from the families of those children.  Our approach to self defense training is a little different than what you will see at most martial arts schools in our area and we wouldn’t have it any other way. [headline_arial_large_centered color=”#000000″]Scranton MMA Kids Focus on BJJ[/headline_arial_large_centered] At Scranton mixed martial arts we feel the best way for kids to learn how to deal with bullies or learn how […]

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Scranton Pa Jiu Jitsu Seminar a Huge Success


Scranton Mixed Martial Arts held a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar this weekend and it was a great event for all who attended.  The legendary Royce Gracie, the original champion of the first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship, instructed the seminar.  It was such an honor for us to have the only and only Royce Gracie come to our academy and teach our students and our instructors. Scranton’s Best Jiu Jitsu Seminar! Royce first did a two hour long Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense Seminar at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  He taught some great moves that proved to be very effective against […]

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Scranton BJJ – Where do I rank?


Sometimes when you think about it, training in martial arts is a lot like having another office job, at both places you show up to where you work, (in our case the mat) work your butt off, and at the end of the day, you expect a reward in the form of a promotion, i.e. more stripes or our next belt rank. However, the main difference between the two is instant gratification. In an office position, when you receive a promotion you can tangibly see the results such as an increase in your salary, a new title, etc etc. Now, of […]

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Raising The Bar To A New Height


At Scranton MMA we strive to provide the absolute best to all of our clients.  That is why Scranton Mixed Martial Arts is so different when compared to other gyms in the area. We want to offer up the very best for anyone who wants to learn martial arts in the Scranton / NEPA area.  That is why we have the absolute best training facility in the area and continually work on improving it.  That is why we have the absolute best instructors in the area why all of our instructors in the area constantly seek to improve on their abilities. […]

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Scranton MMA – How to stay motivated


It is pretty much a guarantee that at some point during your martial arts training you will lose some  motivation.  You  might be having a difficult time in the classes or having some problems reaching that next milestone or goal you set for yourself.  Maybe its stress, Maybe its your job, Could be a lot of different things. Don’t sweat it.  It happens to all of us and today we will talk about some ways to help you get over this. First tip is to switch things up a bit.  If you have only been studying one style start taking lessons […]

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