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Scranton MMA November Events


Hey Everyone we just sent out our monthly newsletter and I wanted to post some of the details here on our blog as well.   First off, we will be sending out a test text message to all of our current members to make sure we have everyone’s number on file. We will be using texts to announce snow cancellations seeing as the winter months are sneaking up on us! If you do not receive this text message, please see Jess so she can update your phone number in the system.   Next, we would like to announce our Student Appreciation [...]

Scranton MMA November Events2019-11-05T09:20:06-05:00

7 Ways to Reduce Stress in College


As a recent college graduate, you can be assured that I have experience in dealing with the stress that comes with it. Between going to classes, keeping up on homework, balancing internships and finding time for friends, the stress can become overwhelming. Throughout my four years of classes at The University of Scranton, these are the 7 ways I have been able to reduce stress in my own life. I hope you find them helpful! Go outside. Classes, internships and jobs can leave you cooped up inside all day. The fluorescent lights and lack of fresh air can make you feel […]

7 Ways to Reduce Stress in College2016-09-09T12:34:07-05:00

Scranton Jiu Jitsu Coach speaks To Youth lacrosse team


Last night May 21st Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Matt Marcinek was asked to speak with a youth lacrosse team.  Matt is one of our coaches at Scranton MMA and helps with the competition team, the kids Judo and Jiu Jitsu program as well as the Adult Judo and Jiu Jitsu program.  Matt has coached white belts at local tournaments as they are just beginning their competition journey and he has also traveled to coach Black belt competitors at the world championships. Matt is also a great motivational speaker and knows what it takes to win and inspire athletes and that is […]

Scranton Jiu Jitsu Coach speaks To Youth lacrosse team2015-05-22T14:02:48-05:00

Scranton MMA Intro to Striking Seminar


Scranton MMA is proud to offer another FREE seminar. This seminar will cover the basics of striking for MMA. It will consist of techniques from both Boxing and Muay Thai. One of our students who has trained under Boxing great Chris mills and Professional MMA fighter Steve Wilson will teach the seminar. Times 1:00 PM – 14 and Under 2:00 PM – 15 and Over Again 100% FREE please do us a favor and share this with all your friends. Scranton MMA has a great striking program and we are trying to get the word out. Our Boxing program is lead […]

Scranton MMA Intro to Striking Seminar2015-04-06T17:11:42-05:00

Free Seminar Series


  With the holiday season just about over we would like to give you, your friends and your family one more gift.. or really a series of gifts! Scranton MMA is going to start up a series of FREE martial arts based seminars. Yes FREE. 100% no cost, no charge, no obligation FREE seminars. Hopefully if you are reading this then you have had the chance to take advantage of one of our seminars in the past. If not make sure you stay connected and don’t miss out on one of these great seminars.   We are planning a few free […]

Free Seminar Series2014-12-29T08:37:32-05:00

Giving Back To The Community


One of the most important lessons you will learn while training and studying any good martial art is the importance of giving.  You will receive a great deal along your journey from other martial artists.  Other people will give you their time, their knowledge and much more in order to help you learn and grow as a person and as a martial artists.  In order to keep receiving it is important that we all learn that we must keep giving as well. This weekend Scranton Mixed Martial Arts held at 100% Free seminar at our academy in Scranton Pa.  This seminar […]

Giving Back To The Community2014-06-16T07:45:18-05:00

Women’s Self Defense Seminar


This Saturday June 14, 2014 there will be a 100% Free Women’s Only Self Defense Seminar at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  The Seminar will start at 2pm and will run until 4pm.  Scranton MMA is located at 1000 Dunham Dr in Dunmore Pa 18512.  We are very easy to get to from anywhere in the Scranton / NEPA area. The Seminar will introduce you to some great ways to defend yourself.  We promise that you will have fun while you learn these techniques in a very safe, clean and relaxed environment.  We have plenty of space at our academy and the […]

Women’s Self Defense Seminar2014-06-11T07:54:50-05:00

Anti Bullying Day At Scranton Wilkes Barre Rail Riders Game


We recently had the great honor of being selected to participate in an anti bullying event for the Scranton Wilkes Barre Rail Riders.  It was great to be selected by this organization to come out and talk to thousands of kids about bullying and what they can do to help prevent it.  On top of just talking about anti bullying we also got to do some lessons and demonstrations with a bunch of the students who were in attendance. It was a ton of fun.  The weather was great and not only were there thousands of kids in attendance but most […]

Anti Bullying Day At Scranton Wilkes Barre Rail Riders Game2014-05-21T08:14:33-05:00