No One is Undefeatable


We’ve all either seen it or heard about it from our friends or Facebook posts. Ronda Rousey, after a perfect 3-0 amatuer MMA record and 12 professional MMA wins, was defeated by boxing champ, Holly Holm on Saturday. The fight, scheduled for five five-minute rounds, ended 59 seconds into the second round with a well-timed kick to the neck. But I’m not here to analyze the fight. I’m here to talk about defeat. Ronda’s wide range of talent and her fervor for the fight have made given her the reputation of being unbeatable. So many women tried, but they couldn’t even […]

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Scranton MMA Intro to Striking Seminar


Scranton MMA is proud to offer another FREE seminar. This seminar will cover the basics of striking for MMA. It will consist of techniques from both Boxing and Muay Thai. One of our students who has trained under Boxing great Chris mills and Professional MMA fighter Steve Wilson will teach the seminar. Times 1:00 PM – 14 and Under 2:00 PM – 15 and Over Again 100% FREE please do us a favor and share this with all your friends. Scranton MMA has a great striking program and we are trying to get the word out. Our Boxing program is lead […]

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Scranton MMA Beginner Boxing Lessons


At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we are proud to offer beginner boxing lessons at our academy. Scranton PA has a very rich boxing history and we are working to create a great future as well. We recently restructured our entire boxing program at Scranton MMA to include specialized classes for new members or people with no prior boxing experience.  We wanted to make it even easier for anyone who has an interest in boxing to start learning this great sport in a very safe and professional environment. Boxing at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts now meets three times per week and each […]

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Scranton MMA Boxing team has a great showing


The Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Boxing team had a great showing at the st pattys day brawl in Scranton on March 8th. Stephon Burgette defeated Tommy Ayers by way of a third round Technical Knock out.  Burgette knew he was going to have a difficult fight again a much taller fighter.  Burgette was able to get inside of the much taller ayers reach and deliver some great body shots which set up some great shots to the head. Burgette has been training incredibly hard and this is a very well deserved win for him.  Please when you see him in the […]

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“I’d Love to train but I don’t know where to start”


This is probably one of the most common things we hear when someone walks into the academy for the first time and honestly, even though it may sound  smart or funny, the best answer we can give to this statement  is “start at the beginning” With the meteoric growth of the UFC and MMA in general and even the  rise in professional jiu-jitsu events like metamoris  and more and more highlights being uploaded to Youtube on a daily basis, its very easy to get caught up in seeing these fighters with amazing striking or crazy fancy submissions and don’t get me […]

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Small, Short term “victories” can lead to large, long term success


I won’t sugarcoat this. Training in the martial arts, just like any other art or sport, can be a very frustrating thing. How do I know? Two reasons : 1). I’ve been a white belt or a beginner before 2).I’ve been training for just about a decade and there is not a week that goes by that I am not frustrated with some aspect of my training And here’s a secret…. It’s normal. Everyone who has ever picked up a football wants to score a touchdown on their first play, everyone who has ever sat down at a piano wants to […]

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Are students required to spar?


Often times people who are thinking about joining a martial arts program wonder if they will be required to spar.  For a lot of people who have never trained in one of our styles this is a big question on their mind and today we will talk a bit about sparring at Scranton MMA. Many people are not quite sure what sparring is or how to do it.  They are worried that they might get injured or that the might accidentally injure someone else. Other new students are worried that they might not be in good enough shape to start sparring. […]

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Best Boxing Lessons In Scranton PA


Scranton Boxing Lessons from Chris Mills At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we are very proud to offer the absolute best boxing program in the Scranton Area.  We have been very lucky to team up with Chris Mills who now heads our boxing program.  Chris and his team teach all of the boxing classes at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  You will not find a more accomplished boxing instructor teaching locally. Chris Mills had a professional boxing record of 26 wins and only 3 losses.  Also 22 of his wins came by way of knock out!  Not only did Chris have a great […]

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Why should I choose Scranton MMA?


A lot of the staff and student base are very passionate about Scranton MMA and are always talking about Scranton MMA.  Maybe we are talking about some of our students and how much progress they are making.  We might be talking about the great deal of confidence that our young students are gaining in our BullyShield program.  Maybe we are discussing how much weight someone lost or is still losing.  Or who knows.. there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Scranton MMA. But for people who dont know us or have yet to experience the Scranton MMA […]

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