PA Cage Fight Series returned to Scranton, PA for another installemnt on Black Friday 2011. Mixed martial arts fighters from all over the United States converged at Lackawanna College to go to battle inside the cage. Among the talent were two Scranton MMA fighters; Gary Peters and Terry Evans.

Terry Evans, Gracie Jiu Jitsu blue belt, made his in ring debut at 170 lbs. against Sean Oliveri. Although a 155 pounder Terry Evans took this fight because of a classic Old Forge – Riverside rivalry! Oliveri, an Old Forge native is a strong talented fighter training out of Balance Combat and he proved a stern test for Evans. Shortly after the opening bell the fighters engaged and Oliveri landed a solid one-two combination that sent Evans to the canvas. Evans was quick to recover and compose himself, returning to his feet and continue to battle and near the rounds end secure a takedown. Rounds two and three saw just as much action as the first with both fighters exchanging strikes and takedowns in a back and forth flurry of excitement! In the end Oliveri proved to be the better fighter that night securing a unanimous three round decision.

Gary Peters, Gracie Jiu Jitsu purple belt, faced off against Dave Spadell, Jr. for the PA Cage Fight Welterweight tile. Both fighters were 5-2 and both were coming off recent victories. The stage was set for a classic style versus style fight; Peters, a highly technical Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighter and Spadell, a gritty street tough fighter. The fight was an exciting fight and most definitely was the “fight of the night”. The fighters exchanged early strikes in round one until Peters closed the distance took Spadell to the canvas and enforced his more dominant ground game upon him. Peters managed to maintain top control position eventually moving to Spadell’s back and finish the round there. Round 2 saw Spadell begin to use his distance and angles more proficiently and frustrate Peters’ takedown attempts and land more effective punches and kicks. The round ended just as Peters scored another takedown. Round three was a carbon copy of the first, as Peters superior conditioning took over and allow him to control the round not only standing but on the ground. Round three ended with Peters again on Spadell’s back. When the dust settled and the score cards were read Peters had secured not only the unanimous decision but the Welterweight title as well!