Friday night June 24th was another great card in Scranton! Promoted by North East Boxing and MMA the event was highly organized and A+ professionalism. Six Gracie Jiu Jjtsu fighters represented Scranton MMA at this event and not a single fighter disappointed with their technical skill or in ring performance. Here is a rundown of the Scranton MMA fighters and the results.

Debuting super heavy weight, the 265 pound Eric Vazquez began the night for the team by facing off versus Mark DeFrancesco. This was a three round barn burner as both big men threw lots of combos and mixed the strikes high and low. Unlike most super heavyweight bouts which tend to be which fat guy can lay on the other and breathe heaviest the longest this match was non stop excitement. In the end Defrancesco was able to defeat Vazquez by securing a unanimous decision but the debuting Vazquez looked composed and skilled and has a lot to be proud of from his performance.

Following Vazquez came his antithesis teammate bantamweight Pennsylvania wrestler, Adam Bisignani. At 134 pounds Bisignani was the lightest fighter on the card. Adam faced off against Mike Colon, a champion wrestler from New York State. Bisignani came out fast, throwing straight punches and changing levels to keep Colon wary of the takedown. The combination of strikes and level changes eventually put Bisignani in the optimal position secure the takedown and grind Colon out on the ground to close round one. Rounds two and three were much the same with Bisignani imposing his will through takedowns and a superior ground game thereby securing a unanimous decision on the judges cards.

Another debuting Scranton MMA fighter Mukhielelin Milazov entered the cage at 225 pounds to face off against Josh Blockus at 240 pounds. Milazov opened the round with a spinning back kick that connected to send Blockus reeling across the cage. Milazov quickly followed with a flurry of well angled strikes that had Blockus scrambling for a clinch and desperately looking to take it to the ground. A failed drop lateral found Blockus mounted and defending an armlock. Round one ended with Blockus defending off a straight armlock from guard. Round two and three found a different light as Blockus came out with a mid-fight strategy change. Realizing he would be unable to match the superior striking skills of Milazov Blockus quickly closed distance, secured the takedown, and maintained top position to win points on the judges cards. A frustrated Milazov had a difficult time escaping the larger, heavier Blockus and unfortunately lost a unanimous decision due to the strategy. A future move to 205 lbs will allow a better showcase of this young fighters talent.

Seasoned Scranton MMA fighter Steve Wilson entered the ring next and in less time than it to walk to the ring secured his third straight submission victory. Wilson faced off against middleweight Harry Dickey from Bangor, PA. Wilson opened with a fast one-two combo that stunned Dickey causing him to shoot in desperation. Wilson quickly secured a standing guillotine, tightened it, and pulled full guard to send it home forcing Dickey to tap out at 34 seconds of the first round. Wilson continues to improve every fight and still holds the fast win on record for Scranton MMA at 28 seconds! Wilson definitely doesn’t work by the hour.

Next fight on the card was a welterweight battle between Gary Peters and Dustin Wentz. Scranton MMA fighter Gary Peters had been on a win streak coming into this fight and true to form kept that streak alive. Peters kept the game Wentz on the defense most of the fight by continually chaining together his striking, takedown, and ground game. Seamless transitions secured Peters the unanimous decision. The future for Peters is bright as he continues to improve all aspects of his game between fights.

The final Scranton MMA fighter to enter the cage for the evening was Jason Colarusso. This was a middleweight battle against Dave Spadell Jr out of Freeland, PA. Colarusso and Spadell engaged in a three round crowd pleaser as the fighters traded big punches and heavy kicks. The fight found both Colarusso and Spadell on the canvas at several points. The fight ended with a split decision in favor of Spadell. Perhaps a rematch is in the future?

All in all it was a very successful night for the Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighters of Scranton MMA. Win or lose every fighter worked great technique and employed comprehensive strategies. The stand up game saw great combos that were worked high and low and employed a variety of slick angles. The ground game saw the Gracie fighters employing a number of transitions through positions never stopping nor settling into a stalling or lay and pray game like so many others are content or only capable of doing. Great work gentlemen and continue to improve!