Cage Fight 11 was held March 17th 2012 at Genetti’s Inn and Resort in Hazleton PA. After a rocky start with pre-event illnesses forcing the cancellation of 3 scheduled fights this turned out to be a very cool event held in The Grand Ballroom. In the co main event Scranton MMA fighter Gary Peters made his pro debut at the event and performed in a manner that arguably earned him the fight of the night! Before Gary would enter the cage however fighters from Tristate MMA and Team Vicious would put on amazing performances of their own. Tristate led by Harry Brofsky would go 3 for 3 while the Team Vicious camp would go 1 and 1. Those of you that are unaware Scranton MMA, Tristate MMA, and Team Vicious MMA have a long standing history of training (and winning) together so for us here at Scranton MMA we shared the pride of their victories -congratulations guys!

As the night came to a close Gary Peters would face off against Billy Dee Williams from AMA. Billy Dee (besides having the coolest name in mma) is a well rounded fighter with a number of tools that can end fights quick. Peters proved to be more than ready for the task however. Gary employed great boxing prowess – keeping his butt low and moving inside the pocket – and used his strikes to work Williams to the cage. Once against the cage Gary would score the takedown and bring it into his comfort zone – the world of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Gary used a tight strategy of positional hierarchy keep himself safe from any real damage while maximizing his ability to punish his opponent with strikes. The thrid round ended with Peters in full mount raining blows down on Williams. As the judges score cards were tallied it cam as no surprise that Peters had earned the unanimous decision victory!