Attention Scranton MMA community members! The BullyShield Parents Association is being created to foster programs, opportunities, and fundraisers for every child enrolled in the BullyShield program at Scranton MMA.

How It Works

The events are offered on a voluntary basis with all funds raised benefitting the children! Every child receives their very own BullyShield account. Several fundraisers will be offered throughout the year. A child that chooses to participate in any fundraiser has every cent they raise directly deposited into their personal account! The child may use the funds in that account at any time to cover the cost of anything related to training or competing!

  • Monthly Dues
  • New Gis
  • Seminars
  • Tournaments
  • Private Lessons
  • Martial Arts Camps
  • And So Much More!

Any Scranton MMA community member interested in helping with the creation of the board of directors for the BPA please contact Dave Leslie, Jeff Reese, or Tom McGuire. More information regarding the BPA wil be distributed this week at the academy and a open house meeting regarding upcoming fundraisers and events will be scheduled shortly.