Jiu Jitsu is a journey of sweat, blood, and often times tears! Many a grappler have cried themselves to sleep at night anguishing over their “game” or lack there of. Then without warning an epiphany occurs and a grappling breakthrough is achieved! Breakthroughs are an exhilarating time: a light bulb goes off and your technique jumps to another level. All the hard work and long hours at the gym have paid off. These spikes are crucial for your development in brazilian jiu jitsu and and directly correspond to your promotion of rank – sometimes it is possible to identify exactly what happened that caused the breakthrough other times it is a complete mystery.  With that said are breakthroughs simply a matter of fate? Are some grapplers destined to experience them while others are meant to languish in technical misery? Perhaps! However take heart in the knowledge that there are several habits you can develop to facilitate a breakthrough and even make these spikes a regular occurrence.

1. Attend Classes. This should go without saying but sometime people find excuses not to train! Avoid excuses. Regular class attendance will create muscle memory and techniques will flow out of you more and more smoothly.

2. Private Lessons. Private lessons are a great way to hit a spike! With the undivided attention of the instructor the most obscure details of your game can be identify and lead to a breakthrough.

3. Watch Video. We aren’t talking youtube here! Instead record your rolls and analyze yourself later. Be critical of yourself – tear your game apart. Identifying a problem is the first step towards correcting it!

4. Attend Seminars. Seminars with a high profile black belt are a great way to experience a breakthrough for two reasons. First you will undoubtedly learn technique that will help your game and second you experience a boost of morale and often take a renewed approach to your training regimen!