Today I wanted to share a quick video from the Beginner Bjj class at Scranton MMA.  In this class we went over the number one way to get out of the mount position.

First what is mount and why do we want to get out of it.  Well mount is a position where basically someone has one knee on one side of your body above your legs and one knee on the other side again above your legs.  In this position the person on the bottom is in a very bad position. The person on top has a lot of options to both strike the person on the bottom and attack with submissions.  The person on the bottom is very limited because there legs are not able to wrap around or do much to control the person on top.

So here is the video:

Now the reason I feel this is the number one way to escape from the mount is because this escape gets you from being on the bottom or under your attacker to being on top or above your attacker.

In almost every self defense situation it is better to be on top. Even if you are great from playing on the bottom or have a great guard the reality is that in self defense situation you are much safer and much better off being on top. One of the main reasons for this is that the odds of you being attacked by someone who know jiu jitsu or knows any effective ways to hurt you from the bottom are very small and most attackers want to be on top and think they can be effective while they are on top.  So just by flipping the situation you are much safer.  Also I dont like the idea of having my head two inches from the ground in a self defense situation.

The technique has a few steps but it is not that difficult and it does not require a lot of strength from the person on the bottom.

Take a look at the video and if you have any questions feel free to let us know.