Just wanted to write a bit about a common BJJ strategy that we were discussing yesterday and teaching to our younger students. The concept or strategy is that when you are on the bottom in a self defense situation or in a competition sometimes your best option is to get back to your feet. A lot of BJJ students forget this concept and just think that if they are on the bottom they have to stay on the bottom. Is is very important to practice getting back to your feet when you are in the guard.

It might be a self defense situation where you do not want to stay on your back for many – many reasons, it might be a competition where you are not able to sweep or submit your opponent, it might be an mixed martial arts fight where you are taking punches or it can be any time when you are on your back have the other person in your guard and need to or want to stand back up.

The technique is actually very simple but like anything else it just needs to be drilled and practiced in the correct manner. Just having this technique in your arsenal will greatly increase your odds of ‘winning’ when you are in the guard. You can get really good at this technique and strategy and learn to make effective use of it whenever you are on the ground or you can use this to create openings for sweeps and submissions while on the ground. It will also change the way someone tries to pass your guard or strike within your guard as well. So practicing this technique will pay off for you in a number of ways and unless you plan to never be on your back you will have plenty of times to practice and use this technique while training.

Here is a short video of some of our young bjj students practicing this technique.

For many of them it was the first time they got to practice this move but many of them picked it up pretty quickly. If you havent worked on this technique recently I strongly urge you to make sure you try it while rolling. It will definitely change things ups a bit and create some situations for you to explore while training. As always if you have any questions please just let us know!