It is a dirty little secret but yes Judo has ground fighting!  How many times in tournament have you found yourself in osikomi (a pin) and been unable to escape before the time expires and ippon is awarded to your opponent? Or maybe your opponent had osikomi and you were able to belly out only to find yourself tapping from a vice tight lapel choke? Perhaps you have found yourself  fortunate and your belly out was successful, you gutted out the choke until the official called matte, and now you find yourself in a forced standing restart tired from the efforts of your escape. To make your ne waza life MUCH easier infuse your Judo with a little BJJ! Watch the video below and add this mindset to your game.

Okay so you have completely screwed up. You DIDN’T escape during the transition. Your opponent has passed your guard, flattened you out, and settled his weight on you. Your arms are completely out of position, you’re finding it hard to breathe and all he’s doing is locking you down and waiting for the ippon. What should you do? For answers to this question check out our platinum member area for more BJJ for JUDO videos!