Scranton MMA has the area’s best BJJ program. We have the most experienced BJJ instructors in the Scranton area and we have a proven track record of getting complete newcomers to the art of BJJ into very proficient BJJ competitors or students.

At Scranton MMA we have a proven curriculum that allows newcomers and beginners to quickly progress and become very effective at the most fundamental moves and movements in BJJ. This sets the foundation for them to become very successful in all of their future training endeavors in BJJ. Some of the new students come to Scranton MMA with goals of getting in better shape, getting stronger and just becoming a healthier person. Some of our new students come with the goal of becoming a mixed martial arts competitor and some come just because it looks really fun and they have a genuine interest in learning this great martial art. Of course some people come to Scranton MMA and enroll in our BJJ program because they want to learn the very best martial art for real world self defense.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn BJJ Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we will help you reach your goals. We have proven time and time again that our beginners BJJ program is the best in the area. You do not need to be a great athlete or in great shape. You do not have to be super strong or really flexible. All of those qualities will improve as your train BJJ but they are not required in order to start training in BJJ.

Another great benefit of training BJJ at Scranton MMA is that you will get to train with and meet some of the true legends of BJJ. We have already had Royce Gracie come to our academy to teach two seminars this year and he will be back in August to give two more seminars. At these seminars Royce Gracie is always nice enough to take pictures with our students and sign autographs. Royce also examines our students for promotions and awards new belts or stripes on their existing belts to those who deserve them. No one else in the Scranton area can do that for their students.

If you have ever thought about learning BJJ please send us an email, give us a call or just come visit the academy. It is a wonderful academy with a great atmosphere and we cater to our new students. You will not be intimidated by fighters or feel that you have joined some type of fight club. Instead you will be welcomed with a smile and a handshake, given a tour of our great facility and you will be allowed to take a few free lessons in our beginners program. We are confident that once you see our academy, meet our instructors and take a class you will realize that Scranton MMA is the best place to train BJJ in the area.