Today lets talk about about the number one submission everyone should learn for Self Defense.  The Rear Naked Choke!  I have not problem saying that if you could only do one submission for self defense that the rear naked choke should be the go to move.  There are many reasons for this. One is that pretty much anyone of any size can use this to choke an attacker of any size unconscious. I also love this choke because there is no better way to end a self defense situation then choking someone out.

Punching, kicking or other strikes are a very unpredictable way of ending a fight. If you watch a boxing match or an mma fight  you will see plenty of clean punches or other strikes land relatively clean and the other fighter is not knocked out.  On the other hand if you get in the right position for this choke there is no doubt what will happen and that is the attacker is going to sleep.

Putting someone to sleep is a great way to end the fight because the attacker literally cannot fight anymore.  There are freaks out there that if you break their arm, wrist or ankle will keep fighting.  Yes they will be limited in what they can do but if you choke someone out there is no more fight.

Also when you perform this choke you have the attackers back which means there is really no way for them to hurt you while you finish the choke.  They cannot hit you, bite you, kick you or do anything else to cause you damage while you finish this submission.

Another reason why I like this submission is that in a stressful situation like a self defense scenario this move is performed by doing several basic and easy to do gross motor movements.  You do not want to rely on fine motor movements like threading a needle in a situation where your adrenaline is likely through the rough.  The rear naked choke is pretty easy and straightforward to perform once you are in the right position.

Take a quick look at the video and if you have any questions please let us know.

Here is the video:

And here is what Helio Gracie the founder of BJJ has to say about chokes:
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