The April 15th in house tournament is right around the corner! This special event is being held in honor of the Wendolowski family and is a fundraising event for The March of Dimes “Walk for Babies” event being held in May. As you know by now it is Team Reese versus Team Mcguire – the question being “how will this tournament work?” This tournament is meant to first and foremost be FUN; with that being said the rules are a special format designed to allow all grappling disciplines to compete on an even playing field. So here are the rules:

Forming the Teams

The formation of the opposing teams will be a blind draw. As members arrive they will find boxes labeled “kids”, “white belt” , “blue belt”, and “purple belt”. Write your name on the index card provided and drop it in the appropriate box. Once all members have registered Tom and Jeff will be to form their respective teams by blindly drawing names from the boxes until no index cards remain.

The Competition

Beginning with the kids each captain will send out a member of their team. A coin flip will determine which team sends out their representative first. This allows the second captain an advantage of selecting from his team a competitor he feels can defeat the competitor from the first team. This advantage will then alternate between captains each subsequent round.

A match is scheduled as 2 five minute rounds. The first five minute round is a submission victory only round. If a competitor earns victory in this round he earns 6 points for his team. If a victory does not occur in round one the second round begins after a 1 minute rest period. Round two is a five minute round that can be won via submission, ippon, or points. Earning a victory in round two nets a team 3 points. If at the end of two rounds the score is tied each team will earn 1 point.

Further clarification of the rules are thus:

An IPPON will only be scored only if the throw is a “significant impact” during which the opponent lands completely flat on their back.

Points are earned as follows:

-1 point for pulling guard

2 points for a non ippon takedown

2 points to a sweep that results in a position (if opponent guards or stands points are not awarded)

3 points for securing a 5 second cross side hold

4 points for securing a 5 second full mount

4 points for securing a 5 second back mount (two hooks or one hook with a harness grip)