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June 5, 2013

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Rewards Members With Free Training

At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we strive to set ourselves apart. We set out years ago to provide the highest level of instruction in our area. Then we set our aim at providing our members with the largest and best equipped facility in the area. And now we want to reward or members who have stuck with us over the years… or who have just joined us with the absolute best referral program you will see ANYWHERE! Honestly no other martial arts school in our area can come close to what we are now offering to all of our members.

It is simple refer your friends to Scranton MMA and when they join you get free training time. The more friends you refer the more months of free training we will reward you with. We will even help you with the entire referral process and make it as easy as we can to give away these free months of training.

So here it is if someone comes to Scranton MMA and enrolls in one of programs and names you as the referral source you will get one month of completely free training! If within the next twelve months you bring in another referral who signs up you will receive TWO additional free months of training. Then if within the same twelve month time frame another referral signs up you will receive THREE additional free months of training. Again within that same twelve month time frame if a FOURTH and or FIFTH referral signs up you will receive an additional THREE months of training. So very quickly you can end up with up to ONE FREE YEAR!

So again just to make it simple

1st referral = 1 FREE month
2nd referral = 2 Additional free months
3rd referral = 3 Additional free months
4th referral = 3 Additional free months
5th referral = 3 Additional free months

The ‘referral’ clock will reset twelve months after the 1st referral. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you need help getting some referrals just ask. We will have a few articles up within the next week that will help give out some ideas on how to generate referrals. We might be a bit crazy but we actually want to help you train for free.

Thanks again to all of our great members who have given us referrals in the past! It means a great deal to us that you would recommend us to your friends and families!