April 3, 2012

Spotlight on Technique: Rear Naked Choke

The aptly named rear naked choke – hadaka-jime in Judo or mata leon in jiu jitsu – is one of the most powerful submissions in all grappling. This strangle when properly applied should provide your opponent with no way out forcing them to tap or go to sleep. When applying this submission there are several factors to keep in mind in order to finish your opponent efficiently.

– Be sure the point of your elbow lines up with the point of your opponent’s chin. This will ensure even and constant pressure on both carotid arteries.

– Next visualize your squeeze as a two phase motion. First is an inward motion in which you are trying to make your elbows touch. Second is an upward motion bringing the V of your choking arm towards the crown of his head. This in-up motion will ensure a vacuum seal on the arteries.

– Finally, relax. Take a nice deep breath and apply a slow steady pressure with the above describe method. Even hum a nice lullaby if you wish to not only keep yourself calm but to help lull your opponent into a nice restful nap.