June 8, 2012

Secrets Of Stand Up

Every round of a mixed martial arts fight begins standing. Therefore it is critical to have an understanding of what many people term the free movement phase. This “phase” of the fight encompasses both striking and grappling (with regards to grappling specifically the takedown game). A number of fundamental ideas must come together to make you effective in this area of combat.

• When you punch, keep your opposite hand up to protect your face from counterpunches.
• Always remain relaxed.
• Keep your chin tucked.
• When you punch, the shoulder attached to your punching hand should come up and protect your chin.
• Make contact with the knuckles of your middle finger and index fingers.
• Don’t let you punch “hang out” – speedy recovery is just as important as speedy attack.
• Don’t let you base get too spread out while punching.
• Don’t telegraph your punches by “loading up”.
• Punch in combinations whenever possible.
• Vary the level of punches and kicks.
• Get your hips involved.
• Exhale upon impacts.
• Clinch your fist upon impact.
• Strike only when within range.
• Use angles and proper foot work to gauge distance.
• Use side to side movement to set up your attacks.
• Never move straight back.
• Blend strikes with takedowns.
• Always keep your hands up when changing levels.
• Only “shoot” when within striking range.