Keeping things interesting at Scranton MMA is a daily goal, and of course in that vein we are proud to announce our next Facebook contest…. Video Testimonial Contest!

What?! How does it work? Okay relax, the rules are simple. Create a short video clip about your training at Scranton MMA and post it on the Scranton MMA Facebook page. Which ever video then gets the most “likes” by the last day of September is the winner of a $100 gift certificate that can be used at Scranton MMA for anything your eart You can play online slots for a few cents, or gamble big bikkies on blackjack tables. desires! Put it towards tuition, private lesson, swag, or even a seminar; it”s entirely up to you.

There are a few ways you can do this. If you own a webcam or video recorder shoot your clip and upload it to the web and post it to the Scranton MMA fan page. If you don”t own a webcam or video recorder see one of  your instructors and we will record the video for you and upload it to the page. Once your video is uploaded to Scranton MMA Facebook have all your friends and family head over to the page and like your video!