No Gi Gracie Jiu Jitsu

At Scranton MMA we train in the gi and without the gi. We feel that training this way allows our students to have more fun and progress faster then if they only trained in the gi. Every Thursday night we bring in a world class wrestler to help teach no gi takedowns to compliment our no gi jiu jitsu training.

We also will cycle through times where we do no gi training in our advanced classes. Also in our beginner gracie 101 classes all of the techniques can be adapted for no gi use which is very useful for the students who primarily are concerned with self defense.

While training in the gi provides a great base and foundation for learning gracie jiu jitsu we do feel that adding in some no gi training is a good idea for a few reasons. First the pace is much faster. That speeds things up and forces you to work on transitions and controlling positions more. You will be less concerned with grips and more concerned with body placement and weight distribution. Also your submissions must be tighter and cleaner because escaping from a lose submission without the gi on is much more common.

For those reasons and many more we do suggest that you find some time to attend some of our no gi gracie jiu jitsu classes!