The Scranton area  has a Rich tradition of boxing that dates back to the 1930’s and 40’s when some of the biggest boxers of that era would routinely fight in the region to sold out houses

It is an honor and a privilege to say that we get to carry on that great tradition into the modern era with our boxing program at Scranton MMA.

Headed by former professional fighter Chris Mills, the boxing program is broken down into two levels, Beginner and advanced

Beginner Boxing

  This is where boxers get built from the ground up! in these hour long  classes students learn such Vital elements as  proper punching form, proper footwork, head movement, coordination all of the important skills to reach your goals in class the most safe and effective way possible at the same time getting a great intense workout that will leave you dripping with sweat and smiling from ear to ear!

Advanced Boxing:

This is where you put those new skills to the test! Students get run through a fun, exciting, intense workout that is a blend of cardio, speed, power, endurance and strength. Here, you will get the same workout as all of our pro and amateur fighters do.. although sparring is never required in any of our classes, we guarantee that if you take part in either of our Beginner or advanced boxing classes, you’ll be looking and feeling like a champion in the blink of an eye!