What will I learn in the beginning?

What will I learn in the beginning?

First it depends on what style you are interested in.  Some of the martial arts that we teach at Scranton MMA are very similar and some are completely different.  We offer striking classes like Boxing and Muay Thai.  And of course we offer grappling classes like Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Regardless of what style you want to learn you will start with the basics.  Learning the basics is the best way to get started when your are learning anything new.  Focusing on the basic movements, positions and techniques will allow you to build a strong foundation that will allow you to grow and develop as a martial artist.

In Boxing and Muay Thai you will learn basic stances and the basic and most common strikes as well as blocks and parrying strikes.  From there as you progress you will start to learn combinations and then drills that will start to put everything together.

In Judo and Jiu Jitsu again you will learn stances, how to move both standing and while on the ground, you will learn the basic positions, some basic takedowns and submissions.

All of this will be done in a step by step progression that we have used on hundreds of students and is proven to work time and time again.