Are students required to spar?

Are students required to spar or fight?

Students are not required to spar.  Lets just get that out of the way in case that is something that is holding you back from trying us out.  No one will force you to spar or punch you in the face or anything like that.

However most people really do not know what sparring is.  What we do is first teach you what sparring is.  What the goals are and why we do it during classes.  Since there is so much to learn students will not spar during their first class in almost all instances.  Instead we will focus on teaching some of the basic movements, positions and techniques that are required knowledge for someone to spar. We take the time to go over the basics first so that when it is time to spar you will have a good experience.

When new people spar for the first time they will be paired up with an instructor or an advanced student.  This will allow you to remain very safe and enjoy the experience. They will help teach you how to spar.  How there is no ego involved, how it is not a ‘fight’ and it is all about learning and improving.  A lot of people think that when we spar we are going all out with 100% intensity. There are times for that and we do allow students time to train in that manner in a very supervised setting.  But most of your time training needs to be focused on improving your techniques and learning and it is much easier to do this if you are not going crazy each and every second of every round of sparring.

The arts we teach at Scranton MMA primarily focus on proper technique and positioning as opposed to just overpowering your opponent.