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Scranton MMA Kids Training BJJ and Judo

Today we had a really great kids class and I was able to take a quick video at the end of the class and I wanted to share it on our website.  It is really amazing what a short video can show you about our kids, what they are learning and how the program is run.

First you will see these kids are learning and trying some great Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques.  You can see them sparring both on their feet and on the ground.  While on their feet you will see them going for the throws they learn as part of their Judo training.  You will see the kids throw and get thrown safely.  They all know how to fall properly and it shows.

When they are grappling on the ground their gracie jiu jitsu training shines through.  Part of the video will show some of the kids getting mount properly and even taking the back and getting their hooks in.  You will see some great defense, sweeps and escapes as well.  It is really great to watch these kids train.

You can also see the high level of instruction the kids get as well as how much supervision they receive.  This is a short video and I didnt get all the instructors in the shot but I believe we had about seven instructors helping with this class. Most importantly that helps keep all the kids safe.  It also allows the kids to get more work in.  We can run more drills, have the kids spar more and really keep things moving with so many experienced instructors on the mat.

Im actually sorry that I didnt plan this video out better or organize it a bit. I just realized that our little kids are kind of left out because they were playing a fun game during this two minute part of class and I wanted to get some footage of our kids sparring.  Next time Ill show more of what our 4-6 year old kids can do and Im sure you will be amazed.  Again its great to see what kids can do with the right coaching and when they are in the right program.

Ok here is the video. I hop you enjoy it!


Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Judo Tournament Recap

Scranton MMA Judo

This weekend Scranton MMA took a group of Judo students to compete in the 2015 New Jersey State championships.  It was a great event.  It was very well run and organized and all of the staff did a great job keeping the tournament running smoothly.

First things first… yes it was the New Jersey state championships and yes we are a club that is located in Pennsylvania.  Luckily we were invited to compete at this tournament because many of our Judo instructors have trained and competed with the best clubs in New Jersey for years and years and they decided to invite us out because they new it would be good for the kids in New Jersey and good for the students at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.

We cant thank the organizers of the tournament enough. Sensei Ramon Hernandez who runs North Jersey Judo and hosts the Garden State Classic was the tournament director and he did a great job of putting everything together from start to finish. Ramon did have a lot of help and overall it was a great tournament.

Now for the results.  We had four kids compete and we walked away with four medals. One of our students took a gold medal in her first division and then moved up to the next age category and a higher weight class in that category and she took a medal in that division as well.  That is a very tough thing to do at such a young age and at such a tough tournament!  We had another female medal in her very first tournament which again is very rare especially at a big tournament like this one.

We also had one of our male competitors take a bronze medal in a very tough division. As a coach it is always tough to see your kids lose a match because you know how hard it can be on them but also you have to realize that losing is the best opportunity for learning and growth.  This young competitor did great.  He won and had some great throws and when he lost he took them in stride and just realized that he has some room to improve.

Overall it was a great tournament.  It gave the Judo coaches at Scranton MMA a lot of information about the students and will help us plan out their training for the new few weeks and months.  We got to see what techniques they are good at and what areas need improvement.


Here are a few pics!

Scranton MMA Judo

Scranton MMA Judo

Scranton MMA Judo

Scranton MMA Judo

March 10, 2015

Kids Gracie Jiu Jitsu Training

Kids Gracie Jiu Jitsu1

Kids Gracie Jiu Jitsu3

Kids Gracie Jiu Jitsu4

Kids Gracie Jiu Jitsu2











Tonight we had a great night of training at Scranton MMA. We had a lot of classes going on at the same time and lucky for us we have plenty of space. We had our adult beginners self defense class, we had an advanced gracie jiu jitsu class, we had Muay thai kick boxing class and we had a Judo class. But tonight the kids definitely stole the show!

At Scranton MMA we have a kids program that allows our kids to train both Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  We are very fortunate to have a great group of dedicated coaches, instructors and senseis that all help out with our kids program but what makes our program so great…. is the kids in the program!  We have a great group of kids training with us and they love it.  They have a ton of fun while practicing some great martial arts and to see them improve day after day, week after week is really a great thing to see as a coach!

We make sure that our kids learn good technique in both Judo and gracie Jiu Jitsu but we also make sure that they have fun!  If you are at all worried about your kid getting bored or losing interest just take a look at a few of the pics we have posted here.  HUGE SMILES!!!

To be honest another great thing about our program is the student to teacher ratio.  I know that phrase is usually reserved for colleges or universities but at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we really are proud of the fact that we have so many well trained, dedicated and passionate instructors who can help out with our kids classes.

Training Tips Part II

So we got a lot of feedback already from our first article on getting the most out of each and every class. So far everyone likes the idea of a series of articles around this topic so please keep the feedback coming.  The easiest way is to just send us a message on but feel free to get in touch with us anyway that works for you.

Today we are going to talk about how you should pick your training partners during class.  You might not realize it but how you pick your training partners in class can have an impact on your results or progress especially over a long time frame.  Now ideally everyone would like to work with the instructor, or a high ranking student or someone who is really good at the move, technique or position that is being taught in class.  And if you have the chance to pair off with someone like that during a class it is normally the best option.  When you don’t have that option here are some other ‘strategies’ or ideas we would like you to think about when picking someone to work with.

Pick The Newest Student

Might sound strange that right after I said that most likely your best partner is the most experienced person in the room that I suggest picking the newest student.  Well let me give you a few reasons why picking the new student is a great idea. First working with a new student forces you to focus on the most basic and fundamental aspects of the lesson.  This is huge because if you really want to perfect the lesson the key is mastering those basic elements. Second you will most likely have to play the role of a teacher at least a little bit.  Now we dont want you taking over class or having to teach all class and not get your reps in but most likely you will be able to help the new student through the move and give some good pointers.  This is a skill that everyone needs to develop as they progress in their martial arts career. Another great reason to work with the new student is that you will get a new look at the move.  Most advanced people are going to be doing the move the same way or at least in a very similar manner.  When you work with a new student you will most likely see some things that you have not seen in a while.  Some will obviously be mistakes that you dont want to replicate but other movements, ideas or questions should get you thinking.  It is not uncommon for a new student to do something unexpected that will spark some creative thoughts on your part. Who knows the beginner might be able to teach you something or at least give you something else to try.

Pick the BIGGEST person in the room… Pick the SMALLEST person in the room

It is very common for people to just pair off with someone around their size / weight. Especially as beginners we usually pick someone near our size because it does make learning most of the moves a bit easier but as we progress working with people that are  much bigger or much smaller will help us progress at a much faster pace versus always working with someone our size.  We will have to work a bit more on things like angles, timing, momentum, strength and speed.  You might realize that you can not really do a move on a big student like you did a small one or vice versa.  You also might realize that a move you thought would never work on a big guy can be done with just a slight modification and often that same modification will make the move more effective against anyone.

Pick someone who is really tired

Okay I am suggesting this but it is not so you can go out there fresh as a daisy and have some fun running circles around someone who is tired.  Going with someone who is very tired will give you a chance to slow your game down and focus on technique.  This will help you get a better understanding of what is actually going on. It is a good idea to make sure that you get some time practicing, drilling and rolling at a slower pace and training with someone who is real tired is a great way to make that happen.

Pick someone fresh as a daisy when you are real tired

Just to piggyback off of the previous tip working with some who is not tired when you are real tired is a great way to improve your game.  You will be in some situations that normally do not happen when both partners are fresh.  You might need to focus on defense a bit more.  You will need to focus on your technique more and your strength and speed less when training with someone when you are really tired.

Pick someone you have never worked with before

If there is someone in class and you have never worked with before then try to make sure you work with them.  Simple.

I hope this gets you thinking about picking training partners and more importantly I hope it gets you thinking about how you can get the most out of your training.  Again if there are any questions please let us know.