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7 Ways to Reduce Stress in College

As a recent college graduate, you can be assured that I have experience in dealing with the stress that comes with it. Between going to classes, keeping up on homework, balancing internships and finding time for friends, the stress can become overwhelming. Throughout my four years of classes at The University of Scranton, these are the 7 ways I have been able to reduce stress in my own life. I hope you find them helpful!

Go outside.

Classes, internships and jobs can leave you cooped up inside all day. The fluorescent lights and lack of fresh air can make you feel confined and uncomfortable. Try finding time to sit outside throughout the day. Doing homework at a picnic table, studying on a bench or just reclining on an open green can refresh your mind and leave you ready for the next task at hand vent to someone you trust.

It can be a close friend, your mom, or even a professor you feel comfortable with. Sometimes getting things out of your mind and into the air can help you feel better about tackling all the things you have to do this week. It might even help you realize that it’s totally doable and you’re stressing out over nothing!

Eat well

In times of stress we tend to make bad food choices. We turn to caffeine products, sugary sweets, and carb-filled snacks to hold us over until the next meal. Unfortunately, these kinds of foods can you leave you groggy and falling asleep during classes. If hunger hits and you need something quick before class, grab a piece of fruit or string cheese from the POD. These snacks will leave you energized and ready to take on your busy schedule!

Drink WATER!

This goes along with my previous point. A cup or two of coffee is great in the morning to get you going, but the real secret to staying alert and energized is water. When your body is hydrated, it performs at its best and you will be able to think more clearly. Next time you feel drowned in school work, put down the energy drink can and reach for the water!

Take a fitness class

One of the best ways to reduce stress is taking a fitness class. Exercise release happy hormones in your brain that can let you escape your problems even if it’s just for an hour. Exercise can also help you feel more energized and excited to get back to your work AND it’ll help you sleep at night. So, whether it’s dancing, lifting weights, basketball, or kickboxing, get your butt out there and sweat the stress away!

Get enough sleep

We all hear it, and we all refuse to believe it applies to us, but sleep is SO important. Without sleep you can become irritable and sluggish, leaving you feeling too tired to get anything done. It may seem like a good idea to stay up late and get those extra hours of studying in, but that time would be better spent sleeping. Try to get your 6-8 hours per day and schedule your homework for a better time.

Use a planner

Now you might be thinking, “How am I supposed to exercise, sleep enough, AND get all my school work done?” Well, you’ve asked the right person. I am a firm believer in using an agenda, planner, schedule, or whatever you like. I find writing everything in a planner keeps my to-do’s organized in one place and keeps me accountable for finishing them. Crossing off things as I finished them was a surprisingly awesome feeling that motivated to get my work done!

And there you have it. Those are just seven ways you reduce stress throughout your college experience. Keep your mind and body healthy and get organized. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel after trying just a few of these tactics. Good luck and have a great semester!


Scranton Jiu Jitsu Coach speaks To Youth lacrosse team

Last night May 21st Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Matt Marcinek was asked to speak with a youth lacrosse team.  Matt is one of our coaches at Scranton MMA and helps with the competition team, the kids Judo and Jiu Jitsu program as well as the Adult Judo and Jiu Jitsu program.  Matt has coached white belts at local tournaments as they are just beginning their competition journey and he has also traveled to coach Black belt competitors at the world championships.

Matt is also a great motivational speaker and knows what it takes to win and inspire athletes and that is why the Scranton youth lacrosse association asked Matt to speak to its U-15 team last night.  Matt with with the team and their coach to deliver a great speech and motivate and inspire them.

If you would like to contact Matt or book him for a speaking engagement you can reach him at

To find out more about the Scranton Youth lacrosse association please visit:


April 6, 2015

Scranton MMA Intro to Striking Seminar

Scranton MMA is proud to offer another FREE seminar. This seminar will cover the basics of striking for MMA. It will consist of techniques from both Boxing and Muay Thai.

One of our students who has trained under Boxing great Chris mills and Professional MMA fighter Steve Wilson will teach the seminar.

1:00 PM – 14 and Under
2:00 PM – 15 and Over

Again 100% FREE please do us a favor and share this with all your friends. Scranton MMA has a great striking program and we are trying to get the word out.

Our Boxing program is lead by former pro boxer Chris Mills and the Muay Thai program is lead by Professional MMA fighter Steve Wilson. Both are great teachers with so much to offer.

Please email with any questions and we will be glad to answer them.


Free Seminar Series


With the holiday season just about over we would like to give you, your friends and your family one more gift.. or really a series of gifts! Scranton MMA is going to start up a series of FREE martial arts based seminars. Yes FREE. 100% no cost, no charge, no obligation FREE seminars. Hopefully if you are reading this then you have had the chance to take advantage of one of our seminars in the past. If not make sure you stay connected and don’t miss out on one of these great seminars.


We are planning a few free seminars that will be held at our Dunmore location. We are going to be hosting a womens only self defense seminar, an ‘instructors favorite’ grappling seminar and a few others. We are also open to suggestions. In the past we have taught beginner mma seminars, street self defense seminars, law enforcement, Kids only bully defense and many more. So please if you have an idea just let us know.

There are a few very easy ways for you to stay informed and up to date with all the info you need on the seminars. The first would be to go to:

Just send us a message or enter your name and email and we will follow up with you as we set the dates for these events.
another way would be to visit our facebook page event page at:

We will definitely post the seminars there as we set the dates.

Please if you have any questions just give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to answer any questions you have!



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