To continue with our school analogy,  once you have “graduated”  from our Gracie 101 program, and have a strong understanding, and grasp of the basic  concepts of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, we can then start to expand your knowledge of the art, not just explaining the “What”  but  going deeper into the “why” and the “how” as well.

During these classes, students will begin to explore  more advanced theories of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, breaking down techniques into more position specific areas, go into greater detail on defensive techniques  , and take part in more intensive situational drills  as well as participate  in  free rolling or sparring while continuing to advance toward their next rank in a safe, fun,  energetic enviorment

To Give you an idea about some of the moves and techniques you will learn in the advanced Jiu Jitsu class please take a look at these videos from our youtube page: