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June 30, 2015

Omoplata to Armbar by Steve: Post of the Day

The Scranton MMA July Facebook contest kicks off today, and we have a great video for you! One of our own jiu jitsu instructors, Steve Peragallo, shows an armbar finish from the omoplata. This move would be great for anyone who is looking for different submissions from the guard position. If you have any questions on it, feel free to ask Steve on the mats!


June 11, 2015

Coach Matt Speaks About Hard Work And Goals

Seriously you need to watch this and share this video with your friends.  You need to bookmark it so that whenever you have some doubt you watch it.  Trust me it will fire you up and get you 100% motivated to train harder then ever.  It will also help you focus on goals you have off the mat.  Its all related anyhow and a great little secret is the harder you train on the mats to reach your goals the easier it will be for you to work hard off the mat to reach your other life goals.

So please take a few minutes to watch this and let us know what you think.

Thanks for watching!

June 8, 2015

Bring a Friend Week 2015!


The students at Scranton MMA are what make us who we are. We would be nothing without the friendly faces that walk through our doors every day. That is why we are holding our first ever Bring a Friend Week! Not only do our students put in hard work on the mats and in the ring every day, but they also have FUN! Bring a Friend Week will give everyone the opportunity to share these experiences with their best friends (or family members!).

Bring a Friend Week will be from June 22nd to June 26, 2015. On each day, we will offer certain classes for our students and their buddies to take together! The classes will be for beginners, so there should be no worrying about not knowing any technique yet. Your friends will have the opportunity to try all of the types of classes we have. The classes will go as follows:

Monday, June 22: Gracie 101 at 6pm

Tuesday, June 23: Bullyshield at 5pm

Wednesday, June 24: MMA at 7pm

Thursday, June 25: Women’s Self Defense or Bullyshield at 5pm

Friday, June 26: Muay Thai at 5pm

Along with the classes, we are also holding a raffle for our members AND their friends! All week, our members and their friends can enter the raffle, and we will announce the winner the week of June 29th. For our current members, we are raffling off a $75 gift card to Best Buy. To enter, the member must bring a friend to Bring A Friend Week, and “like” Scranton MMA on Facebook. For our new friends, we are raffling off a FREE 6 month membership. To enter, they must attend our Bring A Friend Week event, and “like” Scranton MMA on Facebook. Remember, your friend must bring their Guest Pass to class. That will act as both of your raffle tickets! The raffle closes after we lock up for the night on Friday, June 26th.

If you’ve been trying to get your friend to try classes with you, then this the perfect time! Everyone will be bringing their friends, so no one has to worry about feeling like the “new person”. Along with learning the basics of the martial arts we offer, we also want your friends to have fun and feel comfortable. So, tell all of your friends about Bring a Friend Week at Scranton MMA and come have some fun!

June 5, 2015

Student of the Month May 2015!

May has come to end, and it was a great month! We’re seeing so many new faces, and everyone is improving immensely. The kids have had an especially good month. They spent the whole month training for their Judo promotional/tournament. They all did an awesome job getting ready and participating in the promotional.

There was one kid, though, who stood out from the rest this month. PERRY! Perry is six years old, but he always holds his own with the older kids. He goes to class all the time and works extremely hard. He’s not one to goof around during drilling or sparring time. Seeing a smile on Perry’s face is rare because he is a very serious kid, but if you can catch one while he’s not looking it sure is a nice sight to see!








When Perry started training, he was very shy and it took him a few classes to get comfortable with the rest of the kids and the instructors. But as he started training more, he became more confident and he wasn’t afraid to get on the mat anymore. Now, Perry will train with anyone you partner him with. Since he trains a lot with the older kids, his technique has been improving markedly. It’s awesome to watch him spar and put in 100% every day!

When you see Perry at Scranton MMA, make sure you congratulate him! He might not say much back, but I know it would make him feel great!

If you or anyone you know is interested in an activity that will increase your child’s confidence and skill, then Scranton MMA is the place to go. To schedule a tour of the facility and free trial classes for your child, call us at 570-851-2987 or email us at!