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Scranton MMA Unique Benefit of Training

There are many benefits of training mixed martial arts.  Most people understand or have heard that Martial Arts will teach you or your child discipline, respect, courage.  A lot of people who look into martial arts training know that they can lose weight, get more flexible, get stronger and gain muscle.  So today I would like to talk about a benefit that a lot of people do not realize you will gain when you train martial arts.

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Teaches Daily Accomplishments

One of the best things about training martial arts at Scranton MMA is that you will constantly make accomplishments and overcome difficult challenges.  This is something that has a great carry over into many other areas of your daily life.  When you are constantly faced with challenges or difficult situations that you overcome you get accustomed to being challenged in your daily life and understand that you can face those challenges outside of the academy.  It might be a difficult project you have to complete at work.  It might be a twenty page paper you have to do for school or a difficult chemistry lab your are working on at the university.  All of these can be very difficult and challenging situations we face in our life and if you are used to facing these situations and overcoming them then you will be better prepared to face them.  When you are constantly overcoming difficult situations you will be more confident that you will be able to take on whatever challenges you outside of the academy.

This leads to more confidence in your work life.  It allows you to get more done and keeps your stress levels down a great deal.  We like to say that nothing will challenge you more than training at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  We also feel that nothing will set you up for success in your daily life then training at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  To be honest it does not really matter what style of martial arts you study.  All of our Martial Arts Programs At Scranton MMA will allow you to face very difficult situations and overcome them.  Some people prefer boxing, some Judo, some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, etc etc.

If you are not sure what style you would like to learn just give us a call or send us a message and we will introduce you to all of the styles we teach and see which one is best for you.

BJJ Training Tips By Scranton MMA Part II

We recently posted an article on our website talking about a strategy that you can use to improve your Gracie Jiu Jitsu at Scranton MMA.  The article can be read here:

In that article we talk about the importance of training from and working on being stuck in a bad position.  We discussed ways you can ‘force’ that to happen in training and even the best times to get that type of work in during your training.  Today we are going to flip things around and talk about training from advantageous positions and ways to improve your chances of getting submissions.

Again far too often people just train, roll or spar with no agenda.  No specific goal in mind.  That is fine and there is nothing wrong with that but if your goals are to improve in BJJ as fast as possible or if you are a competitor then we suggest that every session, every week and every month you have specific goals in mind.  Obviously everyone who trains bjj needs to be able to submit an opponent or an assailant.  So today we will share some tips on how to greatly improve your effectiveness in that aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Training From Advantageous Positions

The easiest way to add this to your training is to find a partner and just drill.  Get to class early or come to an open mat and instead of just sparring drill.  Set the drill up where you work to maintain a dominant position or set the drill up where you start in a great position and you can only submit and your partner can only defend.  Both are great drills and really go hand in hand.  You first need to learn how to maintain the dominant position and then you need to work on being able to finish the submission.

Scranton BJJ Drill Tip

Here is another drill that will really help you submit more people.  Set a drill up where one person works on maintaining a dominant position and the other just escaping.  In this drill the person maintaining the position can not use their hands.  They must maintain the position using their feet, knees, hips, abs, movement, balance, center of gravity or anything else but not their hands.  It is a great drill, lots of fun and will really help you in your ability to maintain the position.  Additionally it will enable you to free your hands up more and more for the sole purpose of working towards a submission.  You will not rely on your hands as much to maintain the position and you will be able to attack more and more.

These tips and drills are great to do with people of different sizes, strength and experience levels.  It can really be a lot of fun and you can try some different things out and see how they work.  They are great for improving a lot of the mental aspects of brazilian jiu jitsu like dealing with pressure, staying focused, working hard and finding out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Royce Gracie Scranton MMA

Royce Gracie Watching a BJJ Class

I really hope that this gives you some new ideas to work into your training.  I know that if you implement these drills and tips you will see improvements.  I hope you enjoy them as well but if not I still hope you do them because they will pay off.  If you have any questions please ask any one of the Instructors for BJJ at Scranton MMA and they will help you out.

April 24, 2014

Private Lessons Are Available

<<NOTE>> I am going to talk a bit about private lessons at Scranton MMA.  We have some awesome clients who train privately with us and we wanted to get some info out there for people who have recently inquired about privates.  BUT please do not feel pressured to inquire about privates.  They are not for everyone and at Scranton MMA we do not feel the need to push people to sign up for privates to make more money or promote our students.  If privates are not for you then please just try to make it to as many classes as possible and make the most out of every class.

Recently a few existing students and families who train with us at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts have inquired about private lessons or setting up semi private training with our instructors.  I wanted to take some time to get some info out there to everyone who has asked about this type of training and get the info out there for anyone who might be interested down the road.

First private lessons are currently available at Scranton MMA for Gracie Jiu Jitsu (Beginner and Advanced), Self Defense Training, Womens Self Defense, Boxing, Judo and of course Mixed Martial Arts.  Private lessons differ from our regular classes in many ways but one of the key differences is that a plan will be set up that is completely customized for the individual and will focus on allowing that individual to reach their goals as fast as possible.

There are many reasons why people chose to take private lessons at Scranton MMA. Some of the reasons are:

  • Having a busy schedule and can not make regularly scheduled classes
  • Wants to progress extremely fast
  • Enjoys complete customization of a lesson
  • Prefers to work one on one with the instructor
  • Wants to learn the basics one on one before joining a group class
  • Needs to avoid superficial bumps, bruises, etc. Like a lawyer, cop, etc
  • Personal or private situation where they do not want to take group classes

Those are some of the reasons but many many more exist.  We have had students come to us who want to focus on one technique or situation that is outside of the current lesson plan and prefer to learn it one on one from the instructor.

Another great benefit of training privately is that you can make substantial gains very quickly. When you train privately with an instructor you will receive very specific feedback and you will get coached through any mistake you make.  Since you are working one on one it is also much easier for the student to retain the information that is taught, the tips that are shared and all the subtle pointers that your instructor gives.

If one of the reasons above fit your situation or if you have a unique situation and you think private lessons at Scranton MMA are right for you please let us know.  We will put you in touch with the right instructor for your specific situation or set you up with a plan where you will train with several different instructors each with a unique skill set or speciality.  Whatever works best for you and your goals we can accommodate.

Scranton BJJ Training Tips Part I

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts is something we take very serious.  We have a lot of students who are interested in learning the most effective way to defend themselves in a self defense situation on the street and we have some very dedicated BJJ competitors.  Even though there are some huge differences in how these two groups of people train there are also some training strategies that both groups can utilize to improve.

BJJ Training Tip #1 From Scranton MMA

The first BJJ tip or training strategy that I want to talk about today is the importance of drilling or sparring from a bad position.  Be warned this might not be as fun as repping out chokes or armbars.  It may get you very frustrated, tired and sore but trust me the payoff is huge.  I want everyone to realize just how important it is to practice and drill from a bad position.  I also want to share some easy ways to get this into your training and some specifics on how to make the most of this style of training.

Some easy ways to train from a bad position in brazilian jiu jitsu is to just put yourself in a bad position on purpose when you roll or spar.  Let your partner pass your guard.  Let your partner take mount or knee on belly.  Let them get there so you have more time to practice from this position.  Work your escape or transition and if necessary tap if you get caught in a submission.  If you escape the bad position just allow your partner to pass again or mount again or whatever situation you were working on.

Another easy way to get some time in practicing from a bad position is to get to class early if you can.  It is very common to see some of our instructors and most dedicated students training before class.  Take advantage of this opportunity and get some time to drill with them.  Either ask them to drill from the position or situation you want to work on or spar and just get into those bad positions.

Please take some time over the next month and focus on getting more mat time in and making sure you are working from bad positions.  It is very important that you have a game plan from these situations and that you work on improving how to get out of them.  If you start to put your time in now you will be amazed at how quickly you can improve this aspect of your game.  Now I am not saying to spend all your time working from bad positions but I am asking that you spend some more time focusing on these situations and positions.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask one of your Brazilian jiu jitsu instructors at Scranton MMA.  I know they will be able to help you out with any questions you have.

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