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April 29, 2013

Royce Gracie Kids Seminar ~ May 5th

In response to several messages by parents regarding details of the event we are distributing this for your information.

Dear Parents,

By now you have heard about this Sunday, May 5th, visit by Royce Gracie! This is a wonderful chance for your child to learn from Jeff’s instructor and a true living legend in the world of martial arts!

The Who: Royce Gracie is the son of Grandmaster Helio Gracie, founder of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. His training in Jiu-Jitsu began at a very early age as a series of games and playtime with his father. Royce received his blue belt at age 16 and was promoted to black belt at 18. Royce made his name known to the world when he competed in the first ever UFC event in 1993. Despite being “the little guy in the gi”; his opponents consistently outweighing him by 50 pounds or more, Royce defeated opponent after opponent using the exact techniques taught to him by his father. The same exact techniques taught to your children today. Royce went on to win 3 UFC titles and today is the only man in the history of no holds barred matches to successfully defeat four opponents in one night. Today Royce is privileged to spread the techniques perfected by his father all over the world.

The When: Sunday, May 5th, 2013 from 1030am to 1130am

The Cost: Only $35!

Additional Details: This is an open the public event; any child from any dojo may attend! Every child attending receives a free photograph that they can have autographed by Royce as a remembrance of the day. In addition Scranton MMA BullyShield members should bring their jiu-jitsu journals with them ~ this event count as TWO classes towards their next promotion!

Thank You For Your Support Of This Event,
Your Scranton MMA Staff


April 23, 2013

Scranton MMA – How to stay motivated

It is pretty much a guarantee that at some point during your martial arts training you will lose some  motivation.  You  might be having a difficult time in the classes or having some problems reaching that next milestone or goal you set for yourself.  Maybe its stress, Maybe its your job, Could be a lot of different things. Don’t sweat it.  It happens to all of us and today we will talk about some ways to help you get over this.

First tip is to switch things up a bit.  If you have only been studying one style start taking lessons in another style.  Maybe you have only been doing boxing and haven’t taken a Gracie Jiu Jitsu class.  Maybe you do Judo but haven’t done any Muay Thai.  Taking even just a few classes in another style can give you a fresh perspective and allow you to go back to your original style with a new outlook.

Another option would be to switch up your game plan or strategy in the style you do practice.  Are you primarily a guard player… well then start working your top game.  Do you primarily rely on gi chokes?  Start practicing and using more arm bars.

You could also set some new goals.  Maybe you have never competed or have not competed in a long time.  Training for a competition will give you something to look forward to and let you push yourself during training.  Most students that compete are very focused and motivated to train as much as possible.

Talk to some of your teammates or advanced students.  See what worked for them.  Did they start cross training?  Did they switch up their style a bit?  If something worked for one of your training partners then there is a good chance that it will work for you or at least give you an idea that you can use yourself.

Talk to your instructor.  Again this has happened to pretty much everyone who has trained.  We have seen it all and heard it all before and we can help.  We can help put a plan together with you that will get you right back on track.  Sometimes a student just doesn’t see his or her own progress and needs to sit down with the instructor to see how they are doing.  That will often help them realize that all the hard work they are putting in at the academy is well worth it.

So just to wrap this up remember this can happen to anyone.  It probably has happened to your friends and instructors and they worked through it.  You have a lot of people at the academy who can help you out and sometimes just the smallest change is all that is needed to change things up.

And one last thing remember this great quote
A black belt is a white belt who never quit

April 18, 2013

USA Judo Nationals Tournament Recap

So last weekend was the USA Judo Nationals.  I competed in the 81kg Masters division.  I was able to win all of my matches using my favorite throw or at least most effective throw Seonage.  I was not scored on at all during the tournament and I think I was only really attacked standing one time. This was part of the game plan.  Stay very active, use a lot of foot sweeps to keep my opponents off balanced and worried about their feet and if I was in trouble attack before they get to attack.

In my first match I make a HUGE mistake very very early in the match and it almost put me right out of the tournament.  I make a weak attack and allow my opponent to set up a perfect attack while I am turtled up. This is something I preach that we should NEVER do … EVER.. and I made the mistake.  Luckily I was able to escape the pin he put me in Kami Shiho Gatame  or North South position for the bjj guys. I have to be honest that for a split second I thought it was over.  Kami Shiho is something that is normally a position that ends the match.  I only worried for a split second and then put 100% effort into escaping at all costs.  After we are stood back up I refocused and put 100% commitment into my next attack which ends the match.

1st match – I am in the blue gi


So after almost blowing it completely in my first match I came out pretty focused for the second match.  This was a very strong competitor and I was very thankful that I am used to getting beat up by the big guys at the academy.  This match I use a lot of foot sweeps and gripping combos to set up two seonages.  The first was a half point and the second for a full point to end the match.  For those that train with us on the Judo mat if yo pay close attention you will see my attacks come off of situation we are constantly drilling during class.

2nd match – I am in the white gi


So I knew I would face this guy in the finals.  I was at the top of the bracket and he was at the bottom.  We both won all our matches to this point in a very convincing manner.  I competed against him before and the match went into overtime where I threw him for a full point.  So I knew he would be hard to throw and that I could avoid his throws if I was careful.  During this match he gets some good grips that I am able to break away from very quickly.  In the end it was just more of the same.  Lots of foot sweeps and gripping to set up two seonages both for half points the second ending that match.

3rd match – I am in the white gi


I want to thank EVERYONE who is a part of Scranton MMA.  All of the students and training partners, the families and the coaches.  Without the support I get from you it would not be possible.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me when you see me at the academy or post a question online and Ill be happy to answer.



Tom McGuire

Head Judo Instructor – Scranton MMA

2013 USA Judo Masters Nationals Gold Medalist

April 14, 2013

On Tap This Week In Jiu-Jitsu~ 4/14/13 – 4/20/13

Beginners Six Month and Under

~Monday through Thursday at 6pm, Monday and Friday at 10am

You can use the guard to tire your opponent and win the fight. If your opponent is able to get their arm inside your arms from the guard, the best thing to do is swim back inside and establish control. If you can’t swim your arms through and they are able to push their forearm pressure across your neck, you can redirect their attack and take their back.

Intermediate Six Months to One Year

~ Monday Through Thursday 6pm

In the Foundations program you learned how to maintain control of the mounted position with low body position, effective hip pressure, and a few tricks along the way. This week we will take your mount control to a whole new level as Jeff shares his secret’s to his devastating mount!

Advanced One Year Plus

~ Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am

What makes Gracie Jiu-Jitsu so special is it provides the practitioner the ability to defend from any position. This week we will focus on surviving from the mounted position against an opponent trying to choke you. One you master  the details and this defense strategy your own you will be able to remain calm in even the most dire situation, neutralize the attacks, and escape from the mount.

See you on the mats! ~ Jeff