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October 26, 2012

Karate Kids… Not At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts

It is a common occurrence at Scranton MMA that someone will call to ask for information about “Karate” programs, at this point, the person in the office will stop the caller to explain that we do not practice “Karate” at the academy, but rather Judo and Jiu-jitsu. It is important for us to stress that this is not done to disrespect the art of karate or any karate schools in the area, far from it. We do feel however, the need to explain the difference between all of the arts  to show how we at Scranton MMA truly aim to set ourselves apart from the rest.

The main and most fundamental difference between karate and both judo and jiu-jitsu is that karate is primarily a striking art and Jiu-jitsu as well as judo are more grappling based arts, along the lines of wrestling,  also whereas karate tends to focus on static forms, our programs are more active and dynamic , drills are done moving with partners to simulate “real world” situations

However, the high level of training aside, the aspect of our kids judo and jiu-jitsu program, collectively known as “Bullyshield” that we are most proud of is our “Three T  Philosophy” of TALK, TELL, TACKLE. Using this philosophy we are able to teach our students to effectively deal with bullies from not only the physical point of view but give our students the confidence to talk to bullies and diffuse a physical altercation before one ever occurs. This change in confidence is normally enough to convince the bully that our student is no longer a suitable target.

And finally, the number one quality that we feel sets us apart from other schools in the area is our instruction staff. We are the only school area that proudly boasts multiple nationally certified Judo black belt coaches on the mat with Royce Gracie certifiedjiu-jitsu  instructors watching out and caring for your childs wellbeing while at the same time passing on to them lessons from national and international champions!

That is NOT to say that we are in anyway against teaching striking. We have an extensive striking program for our Adults. Our Boxing program is headed by Mr. Chris Mills, a former professional boxer who owns a record of 26-3 with 22 of those wins coming by way of Knockout. Chris possesses the same rare quality as all of our instructors which is to not only compete at a high level but then to effectively communicate his skills to his students.

We also offer Muay Thai Kickboxing.  We are the only martial arts school in the region to offer real instruction in Muay Thai.  You might find some Kick boxing schools in the area but if you really want to learn  the “Art of Eight Limbs”.  Then you need to visit Scranton Mixed Martial Arts and see our class in action.

If you have any questions about our kids grappling program or any of our adult program please give us a call, stop by or email us at

October 24, 2012

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Provides Realistic Anti Bullying Education and Training

At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we teach our kids the most realistic and effective forms of Bully education and Training. Our kids are taught both verbal and physical means of dealing with bullying. All in a manner that does not force our kids to overpower, punch or kick the bully.

Many schools can teach kids to fight or to hurt other kids. Many schools will claim to train your child to become a warrior. At Scranton Mixed Martial arts our goal is different – our goal is to help and guide your child to become a productive member of society who has no fear of becoming a victim of bullying.

The Bullyshield program at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts consistently have their students practice the 3 T’s Drill. The 3 T’s are Talk, Tell, Tackle. We set up a drill where the instructors play the role of the bully and guide the student through a mock bullying situation. First the students attempt to TALK to the bully. Telling the bully that they do not like what the bully is doing and that they will not allow it to happen to them. If Talking does not work they are then instructed to try to TELL an adult about the bullying. If all else fails they TACKLE the bully to the ground, gain a position from which they can control the bully, and from there negotiate a surrender.

This teaches and trains our students how to realistically deal with a bully in a manner that does not rely on them hurting the bully or punching or kicking a bully. It is also the most effective way for them to learn how to use and not abuse the skills they gain in our Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu programs. Our goal is to bully proof our students rather than just give them the skills to beat up or hurt a bully.

If you have any questions about our Kids BullyShield Program, would like to watch a class or have your child take 1 week of free classes then please email us at ScrantonMMA@Gmail.Com

For additional information please visit

October 11, 2012

Conservation Of Energy

When training Gracie Jiu Jitsu it is important to assume that our opponent is going to be a heavier, stronger, nastier and more athletic individual than we are; this is why energy conservation is a core principle of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Take a minute to absorb all the important lessons talked about in this video:

• Grand Master Helio never defeated giants; the giants defeated themselves.
• The goal is not to win the fight, it is to avoid losing the fight at all costs.
• If you position yourself intelligently and efficiently, your opponent will burn all their energy trying to defeat you.
• Once an opponent depletes all his energy he can easily be defeated.

October 11, 2012

Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Competition Strategy

If you did not watch our latest video on how to quickly win a match in Judo or BJJ please take a min, actually 3, to watch it.  We wanted to discuss in a bit more detail what is going on, why and what it really means.  So please take a quick look and then read the rest of the article below:




Ok the video above shows one example of how to win a match very quickly or in bjj how to basically start the match in a dominate position. In this example we just wait for the opponent to grip us with one hand and as soon as he starts his grip we attack into that arm. This allows us to rotate freely and generate a lot of power for the takedown.

I also show a strategy where we can grip two on one and attack before they grip us. Again this allows us rotate freely so our takedown will have a lot of power behind it.

This is a quick video showing two different takedowns from Judo Seonage and Kouchi Gari. Both look simple and can be learned very quickly but can also be practiced for a lifetime and continue to improve for years and years.

The strategy we are talking about in this video requires you to take the fight to your opponent and dictate the action and reactions that will happen. You want to be in the driver’s seat in competition not reacting and defending what your opponent is doing to you. Even if you specialize in counters you still want to dictate the pace and determine what will happen next. If you are able to dictate the pace of the match and control what is happening it is much easier to win the match.

Many new competitors go out into a match with a ‘wait and see’ attitude or strategy. I would suggest the exact opposite. Have a plan and try to implement your plan. You need to have plans for as many situations as possible. So in this video we show our plan if our opponent reaches with his right hand onto our left shoulder. This is an ideal situation for any righty. It also might not happen to you every match so you need a plan for all the other initial gripping sequences.. and don’t worry we will get you videos on all the gripping sequences in the near future.

Hope you like the video. If you have any questions please let us know.